Minor in Journalism


The Journalism Minor prepares students of any major to write for news and other non-fiction publications. Students will develop basic writing and reporting skills and be introduced to key concepts that will help them develop a biblically-based understanding of journalism. The minor also prepares students to work in related fields such as communications and public relations.

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Learning Objectives for the Journalism Minor

  • Develop biblical principles and a Christian worldview of the role of a Christian journalist in society and how these principles apply to Christian and non-Christian publications.

  • Demonstrate professional competency in the core practical journalistic tasks by finding, reporting, and writing publishable news stories for local, regional, and national markets.

  • Understand the major principles of media law that apply to print journalism.

Journalism Minor Requirements (16 Credits):

JRN203 Intro to Journalism
JRN343 Narrative Nonfiction
JRN352 Media Law
JRN253/470 Student Publications Internship or Off Campus Journalism Internship (3 credits)

Minor Electives (Choose 5 credits):

JRN233 Digital Design I
JRN253 Student Media Production
JRN302 Journalism History
JRN323 Multi-media Skills
JRN333 Digital Design II
JRN403 Political Journalism
JRN413 Public Relations
JRN433 Digital Storytelling
JRN470 Off Campus Journalism Internship
JRN480 Freelance Journalism Internship (3 or 6 credits)

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