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Sentinels | Men's Basketball

2021-22 Schedule

*Dates and times change on occasion, so refer to this page for the most current schedule.

November 6 Christendom 4:30pm Home
November 13 Dabney S. Lancaster Community 4pm Home
November 17 Regent Univ. 4:30pm Home
November 20 Christendom 3pm Away
December 4 Dabney S. Lancaster Community 1pm Away
January 19 Christendom 7:30pm Home
February 5 Williamson College of Trades 1pm Away
February 7 Fairhaven Baptist College 6pm Home
February 11 Williamson College of Trades 7pm Home
February 17-19 NIT Tournament   Word of Life
February 23 Christendom 7pm Away
February 26 Appalachian Bible 4pm Away