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IPP - Course List

After fulfilling all Patrick Henry College core and government course requirements, students in the IPP track complete their education through the following major elective courses:

IPP303 - Foreign Policy: Theory & Practice
A theoretical as well as practical course based on the study of political philosophy, modern theory, and historical and contemporary case studies, to provide students with an understanding of international relations (international security and political economy) and the impact of international politics on the sovereignty of nation-state. 

IPP403 - Ethics & International Relations
This course is an advanced and in-depth theoretical and practical study of the role ethics and morality play in international relations and foreign policy. Students delve more deeply into and learn the application of international law and ethics to various topics.

IPP423 - European Politics
This course examines the governments of key European countries, including Great Britain, France, Germany, and Russia, focusing on history, geography, economics, and culture, as each has influenced the building of the political system of each country. In addition, significant consideration is given to the politics of the European Union, including its governing structures, its economic structures, and its cultural implications.

IPP433 - Politics of Developing Nations
A study of the politics as well as the economics of developing nations in general and with reference to specific cases.  In addition to determining what it means for a nation to be underdeveloped, students also learn what various experts say causes nations to be underdeveloped. Several case studies from Asia, Africa, and Latin America provide examples.

ECO413 - International Economics
International trade and monetary theory. International trade topics focus on the effects of international trade and protection on various sectors of the economy and on a country’s overall welfare. International monetary topics include balance of payments, exchange rates, capital movements, and international monetary organizations.

ECO383 - Comparative Economics
Comparative Economics builds from a foundational knowledge of markets and market processes with an exploration of international and domestic economic systems, historical and current, to understand their implications. Areas of study include mercantilism, capitalism, statism, “hard” and “soft” socialism, closed and open trade, and protectionism.

IPP496 - International Politics & Policy Senior Thesis
This course is typically completed in the spring of the senior year. In consultation with the instructor, the student will continue the research in the area of international politics and policy begun in the Senior Thesis Preparation Course.

INT470 - Internship in International Politics & Policy
These credits consist of off-campus projects, internships, and/or employment in various fields of government and public policy. These experiences seek to integrate the skills learned in the traditional classroom setting into “real world” tasks and settings. Past internships have included:

  • The White House
  • US Department of State (Denmark)
  • US Department of Defense (Pentagon)
  • Heritage Foundation
  • Cisco
  • The Atlantic Council
  • Project for National Security Reform

Course Requirements:  Click here for a list of courses and Recommended Course Sequence for the International Politics & Policy track of the Government major.