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The sophomore class won this year's competition, with seniors coming in close second. After a week of competition, the students welcomed alumni back to campus on Saturday for a "block party," football game, and evening banquet. 



This year's homecoming commenced with another alumni reunion dinner at Grate County Farms. President Jack Haye, Vice President Howard Schmidt, and Trustee George Clay spoke during the event, sharing their vision for Patrick Henry College's future and celebrating God's faithfulness through the last 18 years.



 The week's end revealed a thrilling win for the freshman class with the sophomores close behind. “In the end, the freshmen simply outperformed the sophomores. They were excited, passionate, and enthusiastic about homecoming and it showed in their participation,” said senior and Homecoming Committee chair Danielle Fife.


Homecoming weekend may have been a little wet, but that didn't dampen the spirits of the students or alumni! Since the format of homecoming was more relaxed than in previous years, it allowed plenty of time for the students to mingle and get to know alumni they'd never met before. On Saturday, it was nothing but fun and games for three solid hours—PLUS amazing food! The event coordinators did a phenomenal job seamlessly pulling everything together.


This year’s homecoming theme was ‘The Next Chapter,’ as the PHC community welcomed a new president and embarked on a new era. It was the epic 15th anniversary of Patrick Henry College Homecoming.



Ninety-degree weather didn’t stifle participation in Patrick Henry College’s homecoming celebration last week. From Wednesday night’s dodge ball tournament to the alumni vs. student football game on Saturday, students and alumni agreed that this year’s homecoming was one of the most successful the school has ever seen.

  • tug_of_war.jpg

    2013 Tug-of-War champions.

  • 20131008_Alumni_meeting.jpg

    Alumni meeting at The Barbara Hodel Center Student Lounge.

  • 20131008_Homecoming_Crowd.jpg

    A large number of students and alumni came for Homecoming 2013.


Strolling the Patrick Henry College campus during Homecoming 2012 last weekend were men in kilts, girls wearing sheets converted into makeshift togas, fellows in tri-cornered hats, and others sporting, (what?)red communist armbands. This year’s Homecoming theme was the Age of Revolutions, and while there was plenty of revelry to go around, PHC does it a bit differently than most other colleges and universities, foregoing parades and football games for more, say, historic fare.

  • 20121009_Homecoming_spirit.jpg

    The freshman class portraying the Bolshevik Revolution

  • 20121009_2002Alumni.jpg

    Members of the class of 2002


Defying rainy, cold weather, students took a break from studies to dress up, rock out, and show some class spirit this past weekend, making PHC Homecoming 2011 what many thought was the best homecoming yet. And in the end, the senior class accrued enough points to win the yearly spirit competition.

  • 20111006_hcomingpost1.jpg

    Students brave the steady rain to show their spirit during Saturday alumni/student soccer games.

  • 20111006_hcomingpost3.jpg

    Alumni Levi Swank ('10) and Joseph Alm ('10) help present a panel on law school.

  • 20111006_hcomingpost2.jpg

    Celebrating a tug-of-war victory.


More than 100 alumni, representing more than a quarter of all Patrick Henry College graduates, flocked to their alma mater from all over the country this past weekend for the 2010 Homecoming celebration. This special yearly tradition continues to grow through the concerted efforts of the Office of Student Life, a student-appointed Homecoming committee, the PHC Alumni Association and more. View the photo gallery below for a glimpse into this tenth-anniversary weekend filled with school spirit, alumni recognition, and glory to God for the journey on which He has led our College so far.


Sumo suits. Face paint. Circus activities. Homecoming 2009 passed this last week in a blur of class color, as Patrick Henry College alumni reunited with current students to celebrate what God has done to build their alma mater in recent years. From the Hodel Center Dedication ceremony to two winning soccer games to an alumni vs. student football game fought to a tie, this jam-packed weekend resulted in a PHC community exhausted yet encouraged.

  • 20091013_homecoming1.jpg

    Amy Kucks, sophomore, exemplifies the sophomore Homecoming class theme as "jugglers."

  • 20091013_homecoming2.jpg

    Students (L) vs. alumni (R) in the traditional Homecoming football game

  • 439.jpg
    Freshman Martyn Evans prepares to attack the soccer ball
  • 440.jpg
    Senior Joe Gallop executes a header
  • 441.jpg
    Freshmen present their class cheer as "acrobats"
  • 442.jpg
    Sophomores present the winning class cheer
  • 443.jpg
    Juniors present their class cheer as "clowns"
  • 444.jpg
    Seniors present their class cheer as "lion tamers"
  • 445.jpg
    Junior Brooke Butler wears green to support her class
  • 446.jpg
    Brett Harris, sophomore, in the Sentinels mascot uniform
  • 447.jpg
    Erin Pradia, dedicated junior, demonstrates the class theme as a "clown"
  • 449.jpg
    Students support the Sentinels soccer with PHC colors, blue and gold
  • 450.jpg
    Freshmen (in yellow)
  • 451.jpg
    The alumni team from alumni vs. student football


In one of Patrick Henry College's most exciting Homecoming seasons yet, alumni, parents, and students came together for a weekend of fun and comradery October 2-4, 2008. Share some of the memories with us below.

  • 102.jpg
    The Freshmen class gives a humorous presentation.
  • 103.jpg
    Bri Edelblut competes on the Junior class team in the egg race
  • 106.jpg
    Lady Sentinels dash through the traditional human tunnel after an impressive victory.
  • 108.jpg
    Sophomore Tony Pradia sacks an alum in alumni/student football.
  • 110.jpg
    Junior Rachel Reiley lines up a shot in Lady Sentinels soccer.
  • 111.jpg
    Applying school spirit on the soccer sidelines.
  • 112.jpg
    Cheering on the soccer team.
  • 113.jpg
    Men's Sentinels fight into double overtime for a 2-2 tie.
  • 116.jpg
    The Freshmen class presents a cheer at soccer halftime.
  • 117.jpg
    Seniors compete in the tug-of-war
  • 118.jpg
    Some of the Seniors
  • 120.jpg
    Freshmen team compete in a Homecoming class challenge.
  • 121.jpg
    Alumni and students face off for their yearly football bout.
  • 122.jpg
    Men's Sentinels game in progress.
  • 123.jpg
    College President, Dr. Graham Walker, addresses the parents.
  • 124.jpg
    Student bluegrass ensemble
  • 146.jpg
    Class of 2010 displays a ninja-themed banner
  • 147.jpg
    Some seniors took their Pirate theme seriously
  • 148.jpg
    Students cheer on the Men's Sentinels
  • 149.jpg
    Class banners over Founders Hall
  • 151.jpg
    Senior men win the class tug-of-war yet again
  • 152.jpg
    The Junior class


  • 52.jpg


  • 53.jpg

    Senior Kawika Vellalos prepares for the biggest race of his life.

  • 54.jpg

    Jill, representing the Freshmen, checks in.

  • 55.jpg

    Student body president Will Glaser crosses the finish line.

  • 56.jpg

    Runners in the 5k competition circuited the Town of Purcellville.

  • 57.jpg

    Students consume an unhealthy amount of pie.

  • 58.jpg

    The Eat Like a Rebel pie-eating competition.

  • 59.jpg

    Dress Like a Rebel contest on Founder's front steps

  • 60.jpg

    A Freshman's look of challenge

  • 61.jpg

    Lady Sentinels in action against Christendom College.

  • 62.jpg

    Cheryl Banks, assistant to the President and PHC mom.

  • 63.jpg

    Coach Bowman and the Lady Sentinels.

  • 64.jpg

    2007 Lady Sentinels win their Homecoming match!

  • 65.jpg

    More soccer fans

  • 66.jpg

    Dr. Farris gets in the Homecoming spirit.

  • 67.jpg

    2007 Men's Sentinels about to take the field.

  • 68.jpg

    That blue is indelible.

  • 69.jpg

    School colors: blue and gold

  • 70.jpg

    The students will PREVAIL!

  • 71.jpg

    Alumni vs. Students football game.

  • 72.jpg

    Students vs. Alumni football game.

  • 73.jpg

    The Juniors, en route to winning the Tug of War competition.

  • 74.jpg

    Sophomores will always be the bigger beasts.

  • 75.jpg

    School colors aren't just for shirts.