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Health Services


Health Center

The Office of Student Life provides health services in the health center, located in the Barbara Hodel Center basement. The center includes an inviting waiting area with a wall full of health brochures and a doctor’s office equipped with the basic amenities of a professional medical center. The center manages health records for students, assesses their symptoms, and provides free over-the-counter products. The office itself is equipped with a professional Welch Allyn diagnostic unit, sphygmometer, thermometer, PULSOX to check oxygenation, and other basic doctor’s equipment. Students, faculty, and staff may schedule time with a medical professional.

"The human body is designed by the Creator God who is the perfect designer of all living things, including the human body. That means it reflects the internal and external design of logic and order, needing consistency in eating, exercising, hydrating, eliminating, sleeping and connecting to the Creator for direction, peace and safety. We are not just a physical body, but have a soul and a spirit. The whole of who we are needs to be nourished with healthy behaviors and eliminate negative behaviors."
— Marsha Schreiber, retired, former Director of Health Services

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