Friends of Patrick Henry College

Membership Program

As one of the leading Christian colleges in the nation, Patrick Henry College trains the best and brightest Christian students at an elite academic level with absolute fidelity to the Word of God. Our graduates excel in the fields of law, public policy, strategic intelligence, journalism, economics, and business. Our mission is to do all things for Christ and for liberty. 

PHC is proud to be a member of the Western Loudoun county community, and we are especially honored to be associated with Purcellville and the surrounding towns and villages. We encourage our students and staff to be an integral part of the community, and hope that our neighbors and fellow citizens feel welcome on our campus.  

To that end, we're excited to offer the possibility of further involvement with the creation of the 

"Friends of Patrick Henry College" Membership Program.

Graduation 2016

"Friends of Patrick Henry College" Membership Program

Membership Benefits

All members enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Invitations to exclusive college events, such as Commencement, Lessons & Carols, and the annual Council for Statesmanship
  • Subscription to Founders magazine and Faith and Reason, PHC's flagship publications 
  • 10% off items at the PHC Bookstore and Coffee Shop
  • Limited* Facility Use: This includes the fitness room, running track, racquetball, tennis, and basketball courts. Does not include access to locker rooms or showers. 
  • PHC Library privileges, including the ability to check out print materials (non-reserve), use electronic resources while in the library, and utilize InterLibrary loans for $5 (plus any transaction fees from the lending library)
  • Membership applies to all relative cohabitants living in the household. The donor and spouse are both considered Primary Members, the rest of those living in the household are considered Cohabitant Members.


Annual Membership: $1200

Estimated Value of Goods and Services Provided: $700

(Your gift, less EVGSP, is tax deductible as allowed by law. Please consult a tax professional.)

Memberships are only available on an annual basis and stay current for 12 calendar months. Only current members are eligible for benefits. 

Membership can be applied for below or mail checks to Patrick Henry College, Attn: Advancement.

Questions about the program or Patrick Henry College can be emailed to development@phc.edu or call 540-441-8700.

(Program subject to change by Patrick Henry College.)

*Limited facility use means that facilities will be available only when not in use by PHC. The facilities are intended for the use of PHC’s students, staff, and faculty, and are subject to frequent closure due to college use or closure of the PHC facility. No participant in the Friends of Patrick Henry College Membership Program shall assume any right of use or availability. Call 540-441-8001 to check availability. Minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times. The donor and spouse (Primary Members) may have up to 3 guests maximum per visit. If guests are minors, they must be accompanied by a Primary Member and a Minor Cohabitant or by the minor’s parent(s) while still holding to the maximum 3 guest policy. Any Adult Cohabitant may have up to 1 total guest. If the guest is a minor, they must be accompanied by a Minor Cohabitant as well. Members must check-in with security desk before use. Members and guests shall comply with all PHC security staff. Membership can be revoked for any non-compliance or misbehavior and rules are subject to change. New members must sign acknowledgment on their first visit.

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