A Modern Adaptation: This great tale unrolls in traditional language, but in a most untraditional setting—the street between two playhouses in New York City.

The play tells the story of Viola, a young woman who finds herself stranded in New York, her twin brother lost in a tragic accident at sea. Seeing a casting call for male ensemble members at a famous Broadway theatre, she decides to wear her brother's clothes and pass herself off as a boy. Dressed as a young man named "Cesario," she enters the world of Duke Orsino, a prominent actor.

Duke befriends Cesario and solicits his help in wooing Olivia, the beautiful lead actress at the theatre across the way. Viola does so begrudgingly, for she has fallen in love with the handsome Orsino. Her visits to Olivia's theatre, however, have an unexpected result: the actress falls in love with the young man sent to woo her for Orsino! Tangled hopelessly in the web of her deceptions, Viola can neither reciprocate the love of Olivia who thinks her a boy nor can she reveal her love for Orsino. And that's just Act I...


The Messalines
Viola Messaline
Sebastian Messaline

The Apollo
Duke Orsino
First Officer
Second Officer

The Majestic
Olivia Callistei
Toby Belch
Andrew Aguecheek
Personal Assistant
Bouncer #1
Bouncer #2

The Wanderers
Dock Worker

Brianna Edelblut
Alex Harris

Ben Sayre
Katherine Kramer
Phoebe Daigle
Craig Karaki
Russell York

Rachel Heflin
Ryan Gilles
Christy Hailes
Zachary Enos
Jared Firth
Becca Chin-Yee
Grace Lichlyter
Adam Fisher
James Mieding

Scott York
Michaela Tong
Russell York
Adam Fisher



Directed by Aidan Grano
& Stephanie McGill 

May 1-3, 2009