It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... Through a talented cast and crew, a set encompassing two countries, and a powerful musical score, all the emotional depth of those dark times comes to life in a new musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’s novel "A Tale of Two Cities." Against a backdrop of hope and despair, reunion and separation, one woman's hatred seeks to destroy the lives of those around her until one man makes the hardest choice of all – to sacrifice his own life for love.

The pseudonym of "Grace Williams" was used to conceal the fact that the script was actually co-written by Kirsten Winston Dalton and April Wright. The original project idea was started by Kirsten Winston Dalton who composed the entire musical score. The final script was the result of over a year of editing and re-writing by Kirsten and April. Therefore, on all the posters, programs, and other publicity statements from the time, the script credit for "Grace Williams" is a pseudonym for this collaboration.


Sidney Carton
Therese Defarge
Charles Darnay
Lucie Manette
Dr. Manette
Marquis Evremonde
Ernest Defarge
Miss Pross
Mr. Jarvis Lorry
Vengeance/Dying Woman
Jacques 1
Jacques 2
Jacques 3
Young Peasant
Monsieur Cheville
Elise Fontaine
Mlle. Molyneux
Mme. Cheville
Evremonde's Servant



Scott York
Kelsey Stapler
Caleb Dalton
Kirsten Winston
Daniel Noa
Jared Firth
Ben Guido
Mari Davis
Jacob Baum
Aidan Grano
Mike Benavidez
Kathryn Crutcher
Justin Reddington
Jeremy Croft
Becca Chin-Yee
Brianna Edelblut
Jeremiah Lorrig
Ben Sayre
Clarice Mace
Nikki Georgacakis
Kelly Christelle Orsini
Paul David Paratore

Jordan Estrada
Luke Krmpotich
Josiah Winston
Philip Cole
Peter Forbes
Lisa Bode
Katie Lindsey
Angelise Anderson
Laurie Krmpotich
Jessica McCurley
Joy Winston



Directed by April Wright
Produced by Heather Terwilliger

Music and Lyrics by Kirsten Winston Libretto by Kirsten Winston
& April Wright

Spring 2007