The Top 10 Reasons: 

Why Students Choose Online Courses at Patrick Henry College

1. Save money

College is expensive, but it’s also hard to put a price on a quality Christian liberal arts education—especially at a college committed to the Scriptures and with fellow students who share your convictions. 

But with PHC Distance Learning you don’t have to choose between quality and affordability. We’ve set a new low tuition rate for Distance learning classes at $430 per credit, or $1,290 per three-credit course. A full year of PHC Distance Learning classes (10 classes) costs $12,900—that’s about 45% of full-time PHC tuition and well below what the average on-campus PHC student pays—even with financial aid.


2. Get started NOW on your PHC degree

Whether you take one class or five, you can begin making progress toward a PHC degree that gets you headed down the path God has for you. When you’re ready, you can make the transition to campus, with all the internship and job opportunities near us in Washington, D.C., and finish your degree.

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3. Stay close to friends and family

You can start on a PHC degree through Distance Learning courses while staying in close contact with the people who matter most. And it doesn’t hurt if you can stay in your own room and enjoy Mom’s home cooking …


4. Attend your home church

Often it’s not easy leaving behind your spiritual family to attend college; with PHC Distance Learning you continue the relationships and ministries that are so important to spiritual growth while making progress on your PHC program.


5. Open doors of opportunity

If you want to attend a top law school, get involved in politics and government, study at a prestigious graduate school, or write for national media, you too can prepare do that at PHC, just like many of our alumni.

But our graduates also teach elementary school, minister as pastors and missionaries, track down bad guys, raise their children, promote charities, analyze data, and a hundred other things.

Only you can say where God is calling you. Some PHC students enroll knowing their passion already, while others are still exploring. With PHC Distance Learning you can begin your program knowing that your options are wide open.


6. Keep your job

If you’d prefer not to leave a family business or you like your current job, you don’t have to give it up. With PHC Distance Learning, you can keep that job while taking the first steps toward your PHC degree.


7. Develop the skills to succeed in college

Campus life can teach you a lot, but some of the most important lessons about succeeding in academics—and in life—you can learn anywhere, including at home. While taking PHC Distance Learning courses you learn research and writing skills, lay a foundation of knowledge with PHC’s Core Curriculum, and develop the discipline and focus that will serve you well no matter where you go.


8. Get to know new people

PHC’s Distance Learning community is a community. Together you discover new ideas, new facts, new skills, and new truths. PHC’s Distance Learning technology helps students and professors connect, share, and learn together.


9. Lay a foundation for your future

For students who have decided on a career or field of study outside the liberal arts, PHC DL courses can help shape you for the rest of your life. Not everyone needs a history degree, but all citizens should know some American history. Not every Christian needs a theology degree, but every Christian will benefit from learning how to apply biblical principles to some important area of life. PHC DL courses prepare you in key ways for wherever God takes you next.


10. Become all God wants you to be

PHC is known as an academically rigorous place, and it’s true that our students and professors work pretty hard.

That’s why you can succeed here.

Your test scores are not the most important thing about you. The students who thrive at PHC don’t necessarily have the highest scores—but they have taken the opportunity to learn all that God has for them. They grow and mature, spiritually and intellectually, in ways they never imagined. They achieve things they didn’t think they could do when they came as freshmen.

You can, too.


If you have further questions, always feel free to contact The Office of Admissions for more information!


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