Complaint Resolution

Patrick Henry College desires “to train students to serve God and mankind with a passion for righteousness, justice, and mercy” (PHC Vision Statement).

As a Christian organization seeking to model these virtues, the College has established policies and procedures to support students who seek resolution to various types of grievances and complaints.  These processes have been identified in established policy documents and vary according to the type of student concern.  Descriptions and links to these are found below:



General Complaints

(Excerpted from the Student Handbook, Section 5.3.3.)

The College desires to treat its students fairly and to serve their needs effectively. It is open to constructive input regarding how it may improve its service to students. Students who wish to file a general complaint that does not relate to mistreatment from a specific person, should submit a Student Complaint Form to the office of the Executive Team member responsible for the area of complaint. For example, complaints involving Student Billing should be submitted to the Vice President of Finance & Administration.

Students may submit a Student Complaint Form and submit it to the appropriate Executive Team member via mail.

When the Executive Team member receives a Student Complaint Form, it will be distributed to the appropriate office. The office receiving the Form will investigate the complaint and make appropriate changes or amends, as needed. The office receiving the complaint will communicate in writing to both the student who filed the complaint and the Executive Team Member regarding the handling of the complaint. The Office of the President will keep a file of all student complaints and documentation of how they were handled.

Students who feel their complaint was not handled in a satisfactory manner should communicate with the President’s office. If they feel a satisfactory resolution has not been reached, they are free to report the matter to PHC’s accrediting agency: Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools; P.O. Box 328, Forest, Virginia 24551; Phone (434) 525-9539 • Fax (434) 525-9538; E-mail: info@tracs.org.  Patrick Henry College also recognizes the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia’s regulatory oversight of its programs, including distance education resulting from the College’s participation in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement. If after exhausting this process the grievance cannot be resolved, the student may submit a written complaint to the following: State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, Private and Out of-State Postsecondary Education; 101 N. 14th Street, 9th Floor; James Monroe Building; Richmond, VA 23219.


Other Types of Complaints

Academic Grievance:  “The procedure outlined in this policy shall be used to resolve grievances of students that refer to final grades awarded by the faculty.”  See the current College Catalog, or click here.

Sexual Misconduct:  “This policy applies to any allegation of sexual misconduct made by or against a student or an employee of the College or a third party having a relationship with the College, regardless of where or when the alleged sexual misconduct occurred.”  See Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Non-academic Grievance or Complaint:  “The procedure outlined in this policy shall be used to resolve grievances of students that involve faculty or staff members. This policy relates to Non-Academic Student Grievances, such as…offensive treatment, and moral misconduct.” See the Student Handbook, Section

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