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Come What May

Patrick Henry College: Legal Debate Powerhouse

Portrayed in the Movie Come What May


The movie Come What May was filmed at Patrick Henry College in summer of 2007. In March 2009, it was distributed nationwide by Provident Films, the company that released Sherwood Pictures’ hits Facing the Giants and Fireproof on DVD.

The movie is a fictional adaptation of real-life events surrounding Patrick Henry College’s ongoing success at legal debate. In January, 2009, PHC won its third American Collegiate Moot Court Association (ACMA) National Championship in five years. And the College has twice defeated Oxford University in head-to-head challenges. Many of its former competitors now attend top law and graduate schools nationwide.

The success of Come What May is a testimony to the prayers and efforts of Advent Film Group, founded by George Escobar, Patrick Henry College and its students, and more than 40 high-school and college students from across the country who served as cast and crew. Many have since gone on to produce their own projects. Patrick Henry College is honored to have had a part in impacting the culture for Christ through the making of Come What May and looks forward to many more projects in years to come.

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