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Your ability to check out materials from the PHC Library is a privilege, not a right. In order to borrow any items, you must hold a valid PHC ID card, or PHC Library card. Cards for PHC students, faculty, alumni, staff, and HSLDA staff are free. Community users may buy Library cards at the Circulation counter for $15.00 each year. Friends of the Library are eligible for a free Library card and additional privileges.

PHC students and faculty may check out an unlimited number of items. PHC alumni, PHC staff, HSLDA staff, Community users, and Friends of the Library may have only 5 items checked out at any time.
The circulation time for Library materials varies. Here are the most common examples:

  • Books – 21 days initial circulation (56 days for PHC faculty), one renewal for the same length as the initial period. All loaned items are subject to recall after 7 days.
  • Audio/Visual Materials – 7 days (3 days for Community users), up to two renewals.
  • Reserve Materials – 2 hours to 3 days depending on the instructions of the faculty.


Periodicals, newspapers, reference materials, and microforms do not circulate.

Some audio/visual equipment may be checked out from the Library, but used only inside the Library itself.

Fines and Fees

The PHC Library generally does not charge overdue fines. The library may charge fines for high-demand items.
Users will be charged $1/ hour fines for overdue Reserve materials.
Users are charged fines for overdue ILL materials as outlined under interlibrary loan services.
If an item is more than 7 days overdue, it is considered lost. Users responsible for lost items will be billed for the replacement cost of item plus an additional $25.00 processing fee. An irreplaceable item will cost the user $50.00 plus the $25.00 processing fee.
Similarly, users that irreparably damage an item will be billed its replacement cost plus the processing fee.

Item Requests

Library users may be able to place hold requests on materials found through the library's online catalog. These requests require users to provide their PHC ID number or PHC library card number to place the request.
PHC students and faculty may place a “hold request” on library materials that are already checked-out. When a user places a “hold request”, the specified item may not be renewed by the original borrower. The requesting user will be notified as soon as the item is returned.
Library users may access the catalog to check their individual circulation records and renew circulation on eligible items.

Borrowing Privileges

Use of library materials is a privilege. Users who fail to respect due dates and other library policies may have their privileges restricted or revoked. Any fines or fees that are not paid promptly may be placed on the student’s account with the college.

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