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As you commence your college career at PHC, it is wise to begin discerning what you like to do, what interests you, and where you are headed. Click here for information about personal assessments.


The internship program at PHC is an essential part of its classical liberal arts education. Click here for a list of websites to help you in your internship search, as well as information about tools PHC provides.

Career Guidance and Resumes

If you are looking for a job or internship, here you will find a wealth of websites beneficial to you as you pursue employment. These websites may offer career services, job search engines, resume help, or all the above. Take advantage of these tools.

Graduate School

If you are planning on attending graduate school, it would be wise to start planning early. Click here to find some topics that may help you narrow your search. Also, keep in mind that if you allow the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to use your score for research purposes on the GRE, GMAT, or LSAT, they will partly reimburse you. For more information, email the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

Library Print Resources

In addition to the many online career resources here, the PHC library provides other print resources. Search for key terms in the online catalog such as “resume,” “cover letter,” “jobs,” “internship,” or “interview.” As always, the librarians are ready and willing to help you with any of your career services questions. Email them at askalibrarian@phc.edu or go in person. You will find many helpful resources there to aid you in your search for internships, jobs, or career advice. Click here for just a few samples.