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British Parliamentary Debate Association

It's very conversational and very casual, but it's very much based on speaking well, reasoning well, and saying things well.
— Daniel Thetford, '18
British Parliment Debate Team
British Parliamentary Debate is considered the most prestigious form of collegiate debate throughout the world.

Participants compete in teams of two and rely on general knowledge, understanding of current events, and quick wits to win rounds, since the topic of debate is only released fifteen minutes before each round and changes with each new set of opponents.

PHC’s strong academic environment supplies students with ready lines of argument and the wit to employ them with style and grace.

Unlike policy debate, there is no prep time once in the round and no cross-examinations. Instead, speakers are allowed to stand and ask “points of information” during speeches.

British Parli presents unique opportunities for traveling abroad. Students have traveled across the country and the globe.

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