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Off-Campus use of the library catalog_2021

Using the Catalog From Off Campus

If you are new to using the library catalog and you're an off-campus student, this video is for you! In this video you'll learn how to use digital sources and navigate the website.

Saved Searches_2021

Saving Catalog Searches

Sometimes you'll find some great resources but would rather come back and take a look at them later. Here's how to save searches you may come across using the PHC catalog

Personal Lists_2021

Making Personal Lists

If you only have a few moments to research, you might consider using a personal list! This will allow you to return to your research later without losing track of what you've already done. Click the video to learn more!

Course Reserves

Course Reserves

What does on-reserve mean for PHC textbooks? Here's a video on finding books and resources that will be found in the Patrick Henry College library that pertain to a certain class.  Click the video to learn more!

Request a Book by Interlibrary Loan_2021

Request a Book Using Interlibrary Loan

An interlibrary loan might sound intimidating; it seems easier just to find something that is in stock. But don't worry! It's actually much simpler than you might think. Here's how it works! 

Request a Journal Article by Interlibrary Loan

Request a Journal Article Using Interlibrary Loan

So maybe you know how to use ILL for books and other resources. But what do you do when you come across a journal that's not in the PHC collection? What then? Here's how you can use interlibrary loans to get the resources you need. Click the video to learn more!

Research Guide tutorial
Research Guide tutorial

Start Your Research With a Research Guide

If you are about to start a research project at PHC, take a moment to check out our online research guides! They might be able to provide you a head start by offering resources you might want to use. Click the video to learn more!


Creating Citations_2021

Using the Citation Generator in PHC's Library Catalog

You know it. We know it. Creating citations is one of the trickiest parts of any paper. Did you know that the PHC library resources online can help you? Here's how to cite things online through our catalog!

Renewing Books_2021

Renewing A Book

So you found a book that you love and you don't want to say goodbye just yet. Not a problem! But here's what you've got to do to make sure that the library knows you'll be needing it a little longer.

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