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Alumni Giving Campaign

Supporting our Alma Mater in more ways than one!

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The Alumni Impact 

Year after year God graciously provides, keeping Patrick Henry College thriving. Our alumni community is central to the College's mission. Each year more of you want to give back to our alma mater, to say thank-you for what we've received, and to pass it on. Each year you sacrificially give greater amounts as well!

Perhaps you're motivated by the friends or professional network you gained, the amazing mentors or professors you had, or because you first read Plato, Augustine, or Tocqueville at PHC. There are so many reasons we can find and I encourage you to reflect on what you received from our school.

Don't miss this important opportunity--the giving campaign ends with the close of PHC's fiscal year on June 30th, and we're in this together. Please accept my personal thanks as you join us with your gift of any amount today.

Thanks for your support!
Philip D. Greendyk
President, Patrick Henry College Alumni Association

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History Alumni Giving Campaign June 23rd 2022


(2022 numbers as of June 23rd)