Alumni: Engaging with Campus

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Looking to reinvest in your alma mater as an alumni? Check out the below opportunities to connect with the PHC campus community and keep in mind that as our alumni and student bodies grew, so will ways to be directly involved. 


Wing Adoption Program

Support and connect with students by volunteering to be a Wing Parent! Keep three goals in mind: encouragement (through thoughtful cards, gifts, or food), guidance (in academic and internship pursuits), and support (both moral and caffeinated!). Contact the Alumni Association to communicate your interest.


Alumni Ambassador

One of the reasons many students choose PHC is because they've either heard about you (the alumni) and your vocations and callings, or they have had the opportunity to meet you. The same holds true for those who recommend colleges to their students, such as headmasters and guidance counselors. Interested in volunteering to connect with schools, prospective students and families, or more? Contact the Office of Alumni Affairs to communicate your interest.


Events Host

Enjoy planning parties? Love meeting new people? Being an Alumni Event Host may be the perfect way for you to connect with fellow alumni or current students! If you're interested in hosting a local gathering for PHC alumni, helping someone else host, hosting a program specific mixer, or if you want to get involved with our annual Alumni Dinner at Homecoming, let the Alumni Association know!

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Jobs & Internships

Developing relationships and employment connections are hugely beneficial to our alumni and student community. "Networking" is the popular word right now and there are multiple ways to communicate job opportunities and internship openings to current students and fellow alumni. If you have a job or internship that you'd like to share with the PHC community, please contact Dean Jeff Thornhill

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