Services of the Office of Campus Administration


Access Control

PHC maintains a secure environment for the students and staff. ID cards and hard keys are issued to staff and students. All dormitory buildings are kept locked at all times, with ID cards allowing permitted electronic access for entry. Hard keys let students into their assigned dorm room. Access is kept current on a semester basis for every student.

Facility Use

Our campus facilities are used for a wide variety of events for students, staff, and external users. Catering is also an option for any events. Information on our facilities can be acquired by emailing the Campus of Administration Office at administration@phc.edu or by calling 540-338-8800.

Fleet Management

Our PHC vans, which include two fifteen-passenger vans and one minivan, are used for debate trips, sports activities, choral venues, and other various activities. All van drivers must meet strict qualification requirements and complete the National Safety Council’s Coaching the Van Driver II Defensive Driving Course.

Health & Safety

PHC works tirelessly to ensure a healthy and safe campus environment at all times. Campus Security is provided around the clock. Trained respondents handle emergencies. Local healthcare providers and facilities are listed in the Campus Health & Safety Manual. Inquires may be made to administration@phc.edu or by calling 540-338-8800. 


PHC meets weekly with logistic counterparts in HSLDA in order to plan ceremonies and events. The planning involves food service, maintenance, information technology, and other areas, as requested.


Parking is made available to all staff, faculty, and students. All vehicles are required to have parking decals, which provide security for the PHC campus. Students purchase their parking permits each semester by submitting their requests via the CAMS student portal.

Property Development

The long-term planning and development of the Patrick Henry College campus requires the assessment and reassessment of evolving internal College needs. These ever-changing needs must be coordinated with the equally fluid laws and regulations of various governmental approval bodies. Navigating these planning and development waters falls to the Office of Campus Administration, with great assistance from every other department and division of the College.

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