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National Model United Nations


There are several different National Model United Nations (NMUN) conferences in the United States. PHC’s student-run club participates in the National Collegiate Conference Association, which holds its NMUN conference in New York City every year.

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the UN, which aims to give students first-hand experience in multilateral diplomacy.

It brings together students from a variety of different countries, backgrounds, and political views to discuss solutions to global issues such a nuclear proliferation and human trafficking. At the conference, students from across the globe represent delegations from different countries and serve in UN committees, such as the Security Council, the World Trade Organization, and the General Assembly.

Acting as foreign diplomats, students are expected to remain in-character, referring to each other only by country name. The contest helps students to better understand the purpose and methods of the UN—which students from more conservative schools typically view with deep skepticism—and to see global affairs from an international perspective. Such a perspective, says PHC Chancellor Dr. Michael Farris, is crucial to leaders in this day and age.

"To preserve its liberty, America needs able advocates who have a deep understanding and commitment to the importance of American sovereignty, yet who can effectively communicate that message in the international arena," says Farris. "PHC students have just demonstrated that they have this absolutely unique set of skills that America so desperately needs. We are incredibly proud of their accomplishment, but even more excited about the hope this offers for the future."

NMUN is currently a student club at PHC and does not receive academic credit. PHC regularly earns the "Outstanding Delegation" awarded, making PHC one of only 18 schools of over 300 participating internationally to receive this highest honor.

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