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Economics Research Guide

Welcome to the research guide for economics.  The economics courses offered in general do not have a significant research project as part of the course, the following resources are intended to expand the knowlege base in the subject area for those students who are interested in delving further into subject covered in class.  The suggested databases are available linked from here and from the Electronic Resources section found on the library home page.  Print resources are available in the PHC on-campus collection or by mail to distance learning members of the PHC community.  You may check the location and availability of an item in the on-campus collection through the online catalog, Voyager, accessed through the library home page.

Professional library assistance is available on campus, by phone at 540-441-8400, or by email at




LexisNexis  allows users to search the dossiers and SEC filings of public companies, as well as access journal and newspaper articles that contain the latest in economic data.

ProQuest and Academic Search Premier provide access to a number of scholarly works that may be helpful in your research.


Internet Resources



2013 Index of Economic Freedom tracks the progress of economic growth across the globe using 5 vital economic variables. Countries are evaluated by current status and by their movement toward or away from a free market economy.

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities  reviews the government's budget decisions with particular emphasis on how these decisions affect low-income Americans. 

Economic Policy Institute is a think tank promoting debate on strategies for a prosperous and fair economy.Promotes debate on strategies for a prosperous and fair economy.

EUROPA – Activities of the European Union – Economic and Monetary Affairs  - The European Union’s website provides information on legislation, statistics and important developments on the international economy. 

IMF – International Monetary Fund Home Page accesses articles, news updates and statistics related to international economics and includes an educational section for students and teachers.

Resources for Economists (RFE)  provides a list of more than 2,000 resources on economics maintained by the American Economic Association.

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research  accesses current Stanford research results relating to U. S. and international economic policy issues with the goal of providing solid policy research to guide informed policy decisions.

With the stated intention of reducing world poverty, the World Bank provides access to economic research and datasets by country and region.



Reference Works



Index of Economic Freedom: the link between economic opportunity and prosperity (2009, 2010) by Terry Miller and Kim Holmes is available in the PHC collection at Ref HB 95 .I524.


Concise encyclopedia of economics, edited by David R. Henderson, is available in the PHC collection at Ref HB 61 .C66 2007.


Dictionary of economics, edited by Graham Bannock, R.E. Baxter, and Evan Davis, is available in the PHC collection at Ref HB 61 .B33 1998.


Dictionary of economics by John Black, is available in the PHC collection at  Ref HB 61 .B554 1997.


Everyman’s dictionary of economics by Arthur Seldon and F.G. Pennance and edited with a new introduction by Colin Robinson is available in the PHC collection at Ref HB61 .S39 2005.





Search the catalog using the following Library of Congress subject headings:
Business and politics
Economic policy
Free enterprise
Government spending policy
United States--Economic conditions

Selected Journals 


American Economic Review (Print 2000-Present, Online 3/1/1911-2005)

American Economic Journal with individual publications in applied economics, economic policy, macroeconomics, and microeconomics (Print and online 10/1/2009 - Present)

American Economist (Online 10/1/1987-Present)
Business Week (Print 2000-Present, Online 1975-Present)
Economic Theory (Online 2002-1 year ago)
Economist (Print 2001-Present, Online 1975-Present)
Forbes (Print 2000-Present, Online 01/06/1992-01/30/2006)
International Economy (Online 1999-Present)
Journal of Economic Perspectives (Print 2000-Present, Online 1987-10/1/2005)
Journal of Law and Commerce (Online 1993-Present)
Quarterly Journal of Economics (Print 2001-Present, Online 1886-Present)

Southern Economic Journal (Online 1988-Present)


Research Tips


  • Search by subject: Once you have located one item in the catalog, you may click on the subject term within the record to find other items on the same, or similar, subjects.
  • Once you locate an appropriate resource, potential valuable resources may be listed in the item's bibliography.
  • If you are unable to locate an item in the PHC online or on-campus collection, you may request resources through Interlibrary loan (ILL).  ILL requests may be made directly into the library database WorldCat.  If you have difficulty requesting an ILL in WorldCat, you may use the form on the website or request assistance from any of the library staff.

Turabian is the approved citation format for this course.  Check with the professor for premission to use other citation styles.  Information on proper citation styles is available in the PHC collection and online at OWL (Online Writing Lab).  


Created: Gladden, 2008. Revised: Thornhill, 2010. Reviewed: Prof. Nathan Russell, 2012, 2013. Updated: Thornhill, 2014.