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All Interlibrary Loan (ILL) requests are subject to the policies below. Please submit ILL requests using the appropriate online form

Interlibrary Loan Request Status - Check the status of ILL requests and request renewals for books. Requests generally appear on the page 2-3 business days after being submitted and are updated daily.


Interlibrary Loan

PHC makes extensive use of electronic interlibrary loan (ILL) services through its membership in OCLC. OCLC is the world’s largest bibliographic network containing about 2 billion holdings in more than 72,000 member libraries worldwide.

Requests for items held in the PHC Library will not be filled, unless the item is checked out by another patron, missing, or considered lost. (Patrons have the option of placing PHC items on Hold.)

ILL services are provided to give quality information that is not readily available from the library collection to support your academic needs. Abuse of the ILL service may result in a fine or suspension of borrowing privileges.

Fees and Fines

Processing Fees and Borrowing Charges
PHC subsidizes the cost of ILL transactions for its students, faculty, staff, and alumni eliminating processing fees for these users. All users must indicate on the ILL request form how much they are willing to pay for the requested item as borrowing charges may apply.

Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni
In most cases, students and faculty will not incur any charges for an ILL request. However, if borrowing charges are more than $10.00, the student or faculty member will be notified before the item is borrowed. The user will be asked to pay the amount above $10.00 before the transaction is completed.

Distance Learning Students
For Distance Learning students, PHC subsidizes the cost of processing fees and borrowing charges in the same manner as for on-campus students. ILL materials will be mailed to the home of a Distance Learning student. The student will be responsible for the cost of return mailing the item to the PHC Library or the lending library.

Community users
Community users will be assessed a $5.00 processing fee for each ILL request and any borrowing charges from the lending library.

Overdue Fines
The PHC Library will charge $0.50/day for overdue ILL materials. There is a 7 day grace period for overdue ILL items.

Other Fees
Users will be expected to pay any charges from the lending library for lost, damaged or overdue items. Users that abuse ILL borrowing privileges may be charged a fee for their requests.

Receiving Items

Please allow at least 2 weeks turn-around time for ILL transactions. Timely access to requested materials is not guaranteed. Despite our best efforts to provide you with prompt service, the PHC Library cannot control the activity or efficiency of the lending library.

Requesting Renewals

The use and renewal of borrowed ILL materials is subject to the policies of the lending library. If a renewal is needed for ILL materials, please make the request 3-7 days before the due date using the Interlibrary Loan Request Status


Borrowers will be notified by email when the requested item arrives at the PHC Library. Notification regarding renewal requests is sent by campus mail. The Library staff will notify you should problems arise with your request.

Special Borrowing through Christendom College

Patrick Henry College students, faculty and staff are eligible for a borrowing privileges at Christendom College's St. John the Evangelist Library. Permission must be obtained from a librarian to participate in the program. The eligible patron must be in good standing with the Patrick Henry College Library, and the needed materials must only be available at the Christendom College Library, not at the Patrick Henry College Library. Final permission must be confirmed by St. John the Evangelist Library. Please contact a librarian if you would like more information about this program

To find out more about St. John the Evangelist Library at Christendom College, you may visit their website or their online catalog.