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The National Forensics Association (NFA) is our primary debate squad at PHC— a collegiate speech and debate league that offers different kinds of Individual Events (IEs) and Lincoln-Douglas (one-on-one) policy debate. It trains those with no previous debate experience and challenges the most seasoned debaters because of the wide range of competition and various tracks (novice, junior, varsity) offered. NFA debate is research-based and centers on a single resolution for the entire academic year.

With its large squad, Patrick Henry debaters are able to research the policy topic deeply and build an uncommon level of expertise in the resolution. Many debaters turn their research for a resolution into a class paper and find ways to apply class teachings on government, philosophy, history, rhetoric, and logic in NFA debate rounds. Thus, this debate league allows one to utilize and apply the Christian classical education one gets at PHC.

NFA debate rounds are comprised of one-on-one competitions where the affirmative side presents his or her case, and the negative combats the case and resolution with research and logic. The affirmative has three speeches and a cross examination, while the negative has two longer speeches and a cross examination. Each round lasts approximately 45 minutes.


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