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Football - D4 v. D5


Like any other college, the men at Patrick Henry College love a good tussle.  At least once every semester, Red Hill and Oak Hill - the two guys' dorms - challenge each other to a friendly but intense game of football, in what has become fondly known as the Pigskin Classic.

If you ever thought those biceps of that guy sitting next to you in the library were just for show, think again. He wants your face in the mud as much as you want his. Although part of the greater Red Hill - Oak Hill rivalry, the Pigskin Classic breeds a distinct camaraderie between PHC students as men demonstrate brotherly love in the form of tackles and sacks.

For the ladies, whether you're an Oak Hill or Red Hill Girl, there are ample opportunities for strategizing, cheering, and maybe providing a few Advil. 

Undoubtedly a good time is had by all, and no Pigskin Classic is ever forgotten quickly.  The glorious stories and sore bodies days afterward make sure of that.