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We hope you enjoy the following collection of news stories and promotional videos produced about Patrick Henry College since its inception in 2000. They all help tell a part of the story of our College, our leaders, and our students. You'll hear from our faculty and students, listen to a news story conducted by ABC early in the College's history, and watch as PHC grows and develops through this unique video history.


Video History of PHC


What It Means To Be Human

In spring of 2014, PHC released a promotional video explaining our classical approach to education

Where Leaders Go

Patrick Henry College does not just create leaders. It is a college where leaders go! View testimonies from Alex and Brett Harris, the founders of the Rebelution, and other PHC students Joseph Alm, Rachel Heflin, and Bridget Degnan. 

PHC in the News

This snapshot of our campus in 2008 explains our mission and vision. 


Michael Farris on The Colbert Report

Michael Farris and Stephen Colbert discuss Patrick Henry College in this humorous interview.

Samuel Adams Journalism Scholarship

Each year, PHC offers a number of scholarships to prospective journalism students. Listen as current and former students share stories of how PHC's journalism program impacted them.


In 2006, ABC visited PHC's campus to interview Chancellor Michael Farris and learn more about the heart of the college.

PHC Promotional Video

Our earliest promotional video explains more about this "small college with a big dream."

College Updates

Chancellor Michael Farris shares more about how you can help invest in America's next generation of leaders.

Lessons and Carols

An introduction to the annual Lessons & Carols service from the Patrick Henry Chorale, Dr. Graham Walker explains PHC's mission and calls for viewer support of that mission.

Barbara Hodel Center

This brief video will take you on a visual tour of our Grand Lobby in our newest building, the Barbara Hodel Center.