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All student organizations listed here are clubs officially recognized by the Patrick Henry College student senate unless otherwise noted. Please consider these opportunities to bless the student organizations at Patrick Henry College with your financial gift.

In 2011, the College Republican Federation of Virginia ranked the Patrick Henry College Republicans as the #1 “Most Politically Active” College Republicans organization in the entire state (out of 32 schools).  Patrick Henry College Republicans volunteered for a massive 2,193 hours in the 2011 November elections in Virginia.
Patrick Henry College Republicans have two goals as an organization:

1) To be an active part of campus student life

2) To be a constant, effective political force based in Northern Virginia, and source of manpower for national deployments

Funding for the Patrick Henry College Republicans enables them to attend political training and activism events across Virginia, and supports their political activism efforts.  2011’s record activism was supported by a budget of $600.  With an increased budget of $2,000 or more, the Patrick Henry College Republicans could exponentially increase their impact on the even more important 2012 elections.

Vessel is Patrick Henry College’s literary journal. This publication accepts submissions from on-campus students in the genres of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art. The team of editors on Vessel includes one editor-in-chief, a design editor, and two editors for every genre. Three issues are published during the semester.

Our issues are now also published online! See our work on the web.

The printing expenses for this endeavor average $100 per issue.

Eden Troupe is Patrick Henry College's drama club, a student arts organization that seeks to glorify God through the production of plays that communicate truth and beauty.  The art of theatre is as old as ancient Greece, as glamorous as Broadway, and as dignified as London itself.  Patrick Henry College’s theatre troupe follows in this grand tradition each semester in staging productions of literarily renowned plays.  

This journey has taken audiences over the years from ancient Greece to 19th-century England to 21st-century New York and back again.  Musicals, comedies, dramas and everything in between have lit up Eden Troupe’s stage

Eden Troupe always welcomes monetary donations.  Each play is supposed to pay for itself and the next performance as well.  The due diligence of the Board and the directors has made this possible for every performance so far.  Additional revenue, however, can drastically improve the flexibility of the director in outfitting the cast, constructing the set and putting on a memorable show.  With that in mind, Eden Troupe gratefully accepts donations of any amount.

Currently, the Fencing club meets once a week for training and bouts. This semester our focus is to train new members and to further the skill of the older members in preparation for a intramural tournament. The tournament will be held in the spring 2012 semester. Our goal for this tournament is both to offer the members of the club the opportunity to compete and use their skills and to connect with Fencing Club alumni. Also, further in the future, the club is looking to possibly incorporate electric scoring equipment in order to participate in competitions with the fencing clubs in the surrounding area.

The club's projected expenses for the spring 2012 semester are $300. This figure is the projected cost for the intramural fencing tournament including compensation for judges, the prizes for each event, and refreshments.


The IJM Club hopes to raise awareness and financial support for International Justice Mission. The club planned a benefit concert in October of 2011, which raised over $3,000. The club hopes to plan a 5K this spring, and another benefit concert for fall 2012. The club desires to meet on a regular basis and pray for both IJM's work and the abolition of slavery worldwide. They also hope to raise awareness in the local community by coordinating events and inviting abolitionist speakers to speak at PHC.

For events like the 5K run/walk and the benefit concert, the club must raise a certain amount of money to participate in or coordinate the events.  Coordinating a 5K would require t-shirts, prizes, etc. (approximately $400). The benefit concert requires a band, stage, lighting, and printing fees (approximately $2,000-$3,000).



The MMA club is currently continuing to attempt to teach the fundamentals of practical self-defense to its members, and combine an instructional role along with contact matches between its members. In the next semester the club hopes to recruit a group of individuals who will continue to carry on the club within PHC, and possibly launch some fundraising efforts to gain new equipment.

The MMA club can currently maintain operation. The club is currently seeking $500 for new boxing equipment, several new artificial weapons for training, and training mats for use in falling/throwing jui jitsu and judo drills.



Each year, PHC students form a delegation to travel to New York City and represent their assigned countries (and College) in simulated United Nations committee meetings.  Throughout the year, they prepare for the international spring conference, during which they write, debate, and pass resolutions to practice solving world-wide problems. In 2008, 2010 and 2012, Patrick Henry College was recognized as an Outstanding Delegation (the highest award possible) throughout all of the committees participated in, and also received numerous individual awards. This club provides an excellent opportunity to network with other students from around the world, practice the art of diplomacy, and learn about the actual workings of the United Nations.

Without any financial aid from the college, our team must raise over $10,000 every academic year. This cost covers conference fees and travel and hotel accommodations for 20 students. Please contact James Nelson, the President of the PHC Model UN Club, at jdnelson623@students.phc.edu if you have any questions.



Founded in 2005 to produce and distribute student film productions, Streaming Media Network produces both web series and movie shorts.  SMN needs its own equipment both in order to produce quality student film, and to perpetuate student film at PHC beyond current students and into the future.

Equipment needs:
New Camera - Cannon D5 Mark II  
New Audio equipment - Zoom H4n 
New Editing equipment - Mac Pro Quad-Core 
New Editing software - Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium

These tools will allow SMN to continue producing quality student film, and increase production value for generations of PHC students.


The Patrick Henry College Titan Society is currently focusing on providing a seminar series focusing on "successful life 101." Topics include: stocks, bonds and commodities; home/real estate buying and financing; credit; banking; wealth creation; insurance; budget; entrepreneurship; starting a small business; career selection; and more. In addition to providing these seminar lectures to its members, the Titan Society also provides a forum for discussion of financial principles and business ideas. The Titan Society also seeks to serve the campus at large by bringing in top speakers from the business world and by cultivating a healthy interest in personal financial responsibility and wealth creation. One of the ways in which the Titan Society serves the student body is by managing this resource to assist student clubs in connecting with individuals whose interest it is to see those clubs prosper.
The Titan Society currently requires $120 per year to maintain its website: www.phctitansociety.com, which will be developed as a resource to the campus for financial and entrepreneurial resources.


Four years ago, the students of the Government: American Politics and Policy major began the George Wythe Review as a forum for students to present their research on domestic policy issues in one of the nation’s few undergraduate publications. This year the editing staff applied for and received a grant from the Collegiate Network (CN), the student publication arm of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI). Through CN we were able to connect with a graphic designer who helped to redesign the layout, cover, and logo of the journal. We also attended the CN Editor’s Conference where we connected with other student publications and professionals in conservative journalism. Even among other undergraduate publications, we found that the George Wythe Review is unique in its dedication to publish student rather than faculty research.

In the vein of the journal’s namesake, the editors are committed to fostering an environment for discussion that enhances both the Government: American Politics and Policy major and the mission of Patrick Henry College. For the coming year the editing staff will apply for a larger grant and search for additional sources of funding so that we can expand the size of the publication and host several campus events to increase the journal’s campus readership.


Do you want to shape the future of law and public policy in America? So do the students of the American Politics and Policy (APP) track! As one of  the largest academic programs on the PHC campus, the APP framework emphasizes student-led activities that educate, inspire, and empower the nation's future leaders. By supporting the APP major financially, you directly help individual students realize their dreams to impact America through change--change in the right direction. Partner with the APP program today, and invest in America's future.