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1. Application for Admission and Application Fee:

Fully fill out all sections of the admissions application. Please type or print each section in ink, clearly numbering and marking with your name additional sheets for those sections which may require attachments. Be sure to sign and date the Certification and the Statement of Faith sections.


You may choose to submit either an on-line or a paper application. For on-line submissions, please print a copy for your records. For paper applications, the Office of Admissions recommends photocopying all application materials. Patrick Henry College will not return applications, any accompanying materials, or copies thereof.

2.  Application Fee

Please submit the $20 application fee for the regular deadline or the $40 application fee for the final deadline. The application fee is waived for Early Action applicants. Include your check or money order payable to Patrick Henry College with your application. On-line applicants must pay by Visa or MasterCard. The application fee is non-refundable.

3.  Official High School Transcripts

Official High School Transcripts - Please provide official, unopened transcripts from all schools attended.  It is preferred that transcripts be sent directly from the high school to Patrick Henry College. Official transcripts are not accepted until completion of your high school junior year. Please include high school level work that was completed prior to 9th grade. Please also list courses currently in process and/or planned.

If applicable, please include any additional information that would help the Admissions Review Committee better understand your high school preparation. You may submit a high school profile or an addendum describing your school’s specific educational philosophy. For example, please indicate if your curriculum followed a classical or Great
Books model, emphasized interdisciplinary courses, or used a unit studies approach.

The College requires that a minimum of 18 high school level courses be completed. The following courses should be completed prior to admission to Patrick Henry College:

  • English: Minimum of four courses. To be well-prepared, students should pursue a well-rounded, college preparatory English program that emphasizes literature, grammar, and composition. Examples: grammar, literature, composition, speech, and debate. Please note: Competitive speech and debate may count for one English course.
  • Mathematics: Minimum of three college preparatory courses, which must include: algebra I, algebra II, and geometry. Examples: algebra (I & II), geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus. To be well-prepared, students should take courses at least through trigonometry.
  • Science: Minimum of two different college preparatory courses. Examples: biology, chemistry, and physics. It is preferred that students complete three courses and that those courses include labs.
  • History: Minimum of two courses, which must include at least one comprehensive course in U. S. history and one comprehensive course in world history.
  • Government: Minimum of one course. The course should cover material on local, state, and federal government.
  • Foreign Language: Minimum of one course. Examples: French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Latin, or Greek. It is preferred that students complete two consecutive courses.
  • Electives: Minimum of 5 courses. Examples include Bible, fine arts, logic, rhetoric, music, economics, geography, and computer courses, as well as courses in areas such as biblical worldview and apologetics.

Final High School Transcript: After all high school work is complete and prior to enrollment, PHC must receive the student’s final, official high school transcript containing the date (month, day, and year) of graduation and signature of the school administrator.

Note to Homeschool Applicants: Homeschool students may submit a transcript of high school course work that has been produced by their parents. It should list subjects studied (with specific course titles), broken down into units, and should indicate the year in which each course was completed. PHC prefers that the transcript also list a grade for each course. If grades are not assigned, please use some other means to indicate the level of mastery the student achieved in each course.

As an alternative, homeschooling families may provide a narrative description of the applicant’s college preparatory work, including a description of subjects studied and an overall evaluation of the quality of work. In order to thoroughly evaluate applicants, the College needs to know what subjects applicants have studied as well as when and to what extent they studied them.

In order to be considered official, homeschool transcripts must be hand-signed in ink by the parent, acting as the school administrator, and submitted in a sealed envelope.

4.  Official College Transcripts
If you are enrolled in or have taken college-level courses at any other educational institution(s), please ask the institution(s) to send an official transcript to Patrick Henry College’s Office of Admissions. Please note: If courses are in progress, please have the college submit an in-progress transcript.

5.  Standardized Test Scores
You are required to submit scores from the SAT and/or ACT. Your test results should be sent to the Office of Admissions directly from the testing agency. PHC’s institutional code numbers are 2804 for the SAT and 4383 for the ACT.

SAT subject tests are not required; however, the Admissions Review Committee encourages you to supplement your application by submitting official scores for any subject tests you may have taken.

6.  Reading List
Careful reading is an integral part of Patrick Henry College’s classical educational model. Students will engage with a variety of authors, genres, and viewpoints throughout their time at PHC. The breadth and depth of a reading list is often a helpful indication of the applicant’s growing ability to comprehend and communicate ideas.

Please use the form provided by the Office of Admissions to list, in order of importance to you, books read in the following areas: history, literature, theology, and philosophy.
The reading list should:
• Include high school level (and above) reading materials
• Include works from the past four years
• Include assigned and pleasure reading (please do not include textbooks)
• List the title and author
• Indicate if it was academic or recreational reading

If necessary, please submit additional pages.

7.  Activities, Honors and Interests
Patrick Henry College seeks students who demonstrate their commitment to servant leadership by faithfully developing their talents in their family, church, and community.

Please use the form provided by the Office of Admissions to list any of your community service opportunities, ministry activities, sports, clubs, political experiences, and employment history for the past four years. You may attach additional pages if necessary.
Alternatively, you may submit a resumé.

8.  Admissions Essays
Faith essay: Please respond to the following statement in essay form. The response should be a minimum of 500 - 750 words.
Describe your Christian faith by addressing:
1. How you first came to faith in Christ
2. How Christ relates to your daily life and your relationships with others
3. How you have grown in Christ, including books and other influences that have had an impact on your life
4. How your Christian faith affects your thinking

Writing Sample: Please provide one example of your writing that demonstrates your readiness for PHC’s rigorous academic program. The writing sample should be 5-7 double-spaced, typed pages that best represents your written communication and analysis skills. You may submit either a new sample on any topic or a previously written essay, including work submitted for high school and college credit (you may submit a 5-7 page selection from a longer work).

The Review Committee will evaluate the writing sample for 1) excellent mechanics, 2) strength of your analysis, and 3) clear prose style. Examples of acceptable writing samples include research papers, literary criticism, and argumentative essays. Please do not submit fiction, poetry, speech transcripts, or electronic media.

9.  References
In order for your application to be complete and reviewed by the Admissions Review Committee, you must provide references from the following:
- Pastor or another leader in your church who can comment on your faith and spiritual life
- Teacher or academic official who can comment on your academic preparation and ability

Please ask the two individuals providing your references to use the forms provided from the Office of Admissions. They should place the completed form in a sealed envelope and then sign their name across the seal. He or she may return the envelope to you or mail it directly to the Admissions Review Committee. The Admissions Review Committee will not accept reference forms from family members; however, you may submit an optional reference letter from your parent(s) or guardian(s) in addition to the required references.