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Cyber & AI Track

Strategic Intelligence in National Security



The Cyber & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Track blends liberal arts with an in-depth focus on technology from a Christian worldview, enabling students to address the growing set of cyber and AI questions that deeply affect our national interests. The most challenging issues in cyber and artificial intelligence are not technical—they are issues of policy, law, ethics, and morality. 


"The United States is in a dangerous era with regard to its in national security, and intelligence needs to play a key role in preserving its future. But the U.S. Intelligence Community is also in trouble and needs leadership with a strong moral base."
-Col. Gordon Middleton, D.S.L.


Courses (15 Credits)

INT393 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

INT403 Advanced Technology & Ethics in Intel & Nat'l Sec.

INT461 Special Project on Data Science Tools

INT462 Special Project on Big Data Analytics

INT470-3 Internship in Strategic Intelligence - Cyber (3 credits)

INT490 Directed Research & Writing (3 credits)

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