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Students in Journalism Lab PHC
The classes have taught me
to develop rough ideas into comprehensive narratives,
to harness my curiosity productively,
and to be persistent and dedicated
to my work.
—Harvest Prude ('18)

Welcome to PHC's resources page for journalism teachers.

What you’re doing is important. Journalism is a profoundly noble calling, and you’re helping students accomplish God’s purposes in their lives and in our culture. Thank you for your service.

High school journalism teachers, especially Christian ones, often wonder where to find curricula that reflect their faith. Here are some resources we use here at Patrick Henry College.

I hope you find them helpful, but they’re just a start. If you have questions or even just need a little encouragement, please, send me a note or give me a call. I’d really like to help.

Les Sillars
540 441 8230

PHC Herald Staff

Few Christian news organizations offer reliable, original reporting; here are two.

I’m on staff at World, and Christianity Today is very reputable. Avoid Christian websites that merely rewrite stories published elsewhere.

  • World News Group (free)

                World Magazine and World Digital (wng.org)

                The World and Everything In It (worldandeverything.org)

  • Christianity Today

                 (christianitytoday.com  subscription required)



Journalism Student Meeting

Clear, useful instruction on industry practices and standards

From the public broadcasting giants

Visual and Audio Design
  • Adobe offers a variety of courses online, many free.

Emma Green and Marvin Olasky PHC Newsmakers

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Teen Leadership Camps PHC Journalism
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Still in high school?

We have just the thing for you! Check out our WORLD Journalism Institute Multi-Media Camp at Patrick Henry College. You’ll experience life as a reporter in a digital world, and you'll have the opportunity to  find and craft stories for several platforms and practice engaging your audience.

Explore WORLD Journalism Institute Multi-Media Camp

The Journalism major at Patrick Henry College prepares Christian students to be outstanding journalists. 

Click below to explore the three tracks available within the Journalism Major.


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