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Strategic Intelligence Track

Special Projects


Strategic Intelligence students are required to complete part of their apprenticeship requirements through applicative research projects directed by College faculty. These Special Projects are intentionally developed to cultivate skills necessary for research, analysis, and other intelligence applications.


Border Security Alert (BSA) 

The Border Security Alert (BSA) is a weekly collection of abstracted unclassified news items relating to national security issues on and around the US northern and southern borders produced by the Patrick Henry College Intelligence Analysis Center. The BSA Weekly Report highlights incidents involving security breaches, weapons and drug trafficking, and illegal immigration in an attempt to identify developing trends and locate vulnerable areas.

Militant Islamic Report (MIR)

The Militant Islamic Report is global in scope and utilizes web-based OSINT for the discovery, organization, and analysis of individuals (and their respective networks) that promulgate, or have significant connections to, militant Islam.  MIR divides the globe into ten regions: North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Near East, Middle East, Far East, Africa, Southern Asia, and Oceania.


Red Team

Red Team is a top-tier operational security testing project that combines surrogate adversary emulation with meticulous research, live reconnaissance and human intelligence, and requires a significant amount of creativity and flexibility.  A successful Red Team product includes innovative threats to the selected targets, as well as innovative strategies and policy recommendations to combat those threats.


PHCSI Intelligencer

The Intelligencer is a weekly publication of intelligence news summaries and event analysis by staff editors and guest writers.  Seven editorial desks operate under the Project Manager (here, the editor-in-chief) to publish timely analysis on topics ranging from Ethics and Intelligence to Counterterrorism/Counterintelligence and Foreign Country Studies.  The following samples of The Intelligencer are available as Adobe PDF documents:

Volume 4, Issue 8 | Volume 4, Issue 10

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