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American Politics & Policy | Leadership

The APP Program is the only academic program that has its own student-led leadership team. 




Under the oversight of Dr. Michael Haynes, APP students elect the Executive Director tasked with appointing the student leadership of the Program.  Positions include:


Oversees the function and maintenance of APP’s five-year-goals and leadership structure, acting to promote the interests of the major’s students.


assists the Chair.

Director of Fundraising

works with donors both within and without PHC to raise funds for the APP events and the general growth of the major.


Director of Events

works with various smaller events during the semester, such as group media-viewings, symposiums, debates, etc.


Director of Communications

…is in charge of the publicity of the major.

Director of Recruitment

…works in a variety of ways to recruit students to the major.


Each of these positions holds a deputy under them, to assist in the tasks of the position.

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