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Welcome, Parents!

This page is designed for you, the parent, to get details sorted out before camps begin and to keep you updated during the camps season. 

A Guide to Your Child's Camp Experience


The following schedule is a sample for "day in the life" of a camper.

Schedules vary according to each camp.

7:30 am: Breakfast & Morning Devotional
9:00 am: Introductory Lecture by camp instructor
9:45 am: Break
10 am: Lecture: Camp Instructor
11 am: Break
11:15 am: Lecture: Guest Lecturer
12 pm: Lunch
1 pm: Group Activities: break-out sessions, scenario briefings, special guest lecturers etc.
3 pm: Free Time/Supervised Rec. Activities
5 pm: Dinner
6 pm: Evening Activities (the classic Teen Camp Challenge Course, counselor hunt, etc.)
8:30 pm: Chapel
10 pm: Curfew & Lights Out!




You can download and print the packing list here...

Also, don't forget to get a copy of our survival guide for more camp details.


TLC Packing List 2019 


Campus SafetyPatrick Henry College operates an on-campus safety operation 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, providing an array of services.

On-duty and on-call staff are specially trained to observe and report on all matters related to campus safety and are immediately available to respond to and handle any emergency that may occur on campus. Campus Safety consists of both armed and unarmed officers who are trained and registered with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.

While the Town of Purcellville Police Department has primary jurisdiction in all areas of the campus, it routinely works and communicates with Campus Safety officers on any serious incidents occurring on campus or in the immediate neighborhood surrounding campus. Campus Safety officers can and do respond to student-related incidents that occur on and in close proximity to campus.

Emergency Phone: 540.441.8888




To contact Teen Leadership Camps...

 Teen Camps Week 1-35

Call:     540.441.8105

Fax:      540.441.8119


Mail:    Patrick Henry College

Teen Leadership Camps
10 Patrick Henry College
Purcellville, VA 20132


Campers can receive mail at the address above. Please write the camper's name on their letter, post card, or package.

Refer to the Teen Leadership Camps Survival Guide for more detailed contact information during the camps.

Week Three: Constitutional Law & Shakespeare on Stage

Week Four: Entrepreneurship & Economics, Leadership & Worldview

Week Five: Debate, C.S. Lewis: Beyond the Lamp Post


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