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College Board PROFILE

CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE is a financial aid application service of the College Board

PROFILE is a national non-profit association of schools and school systems, colleges and universities, and educational organizations. Many colleges, universities, graduate and professional schools, and scholarship programs use the PROFILE to help them award non-federal student aid funds. The PROFILE that you complete will collect information required by PHC regarding need-based aid. Patrick Henry College's code number for PROFILE is 2804.

The first step is to complete the PROFILE registration process. Your answers to these few registration questions will contain the information needed to create an online application customized for you.

Once you register, your application will be immediately available, and:

  • will have questions which the student must complete. These pages are blue and white.

  • will have questions which must be completed by the student's parents (unless the student is independent and the colleges or programs selected do not require parent information). These pages are green and white.

Once you complete and submit your PROFILE Application, you will be charged a fee of $25 for the initial application and one college or program report. Additional reports cost $16 each. You can add and/or remove colleges and programs at any time before you submit your application. However, once you submit your application, you may only add colleges and programs. Once payment is received, your information will be processed and send directly to the colleges and programs that you requested. Please be aware that the receipt of your PROFILE Application at the College Board is defined by the date and time of its submittal in the Eastern time zone of the U.S.

The PROFILE Process - Step-By-Step

  1. Register for PROFILE, verifying that you are filling out the application for the correct school year. Students entering or returning in the Fall of 2019 or the Spring of 2020 should use the 2019-2020 version.

  2. Print your customized pre-application worksheet and application instructions available at the end of Registration. (If you miss them, they are available from the home page.) Most applicants find that completing the pre-application worksheet speeds up the online process considerably.

  3. Complete the PROFILE Application using your completed pre-application worksheet and the navigation and completion tips below. Help for specific questions can be found by clicking each question's "?" button or help code, by using the search help feature, and by reviewing information in the help desk. If you submitted a prior year PROFILE Application, some information may be pre-filled. Please review your information carefully.

  4. Submit your completed application. The submit process will prompt you to complete any required fields that you have left blank, will note any possible discrepancies in information, and provide a final opportunity to review and correct the information you have entered. Once you have submitted your application, you cannot change any of the data you have provided for the colleges and programs you selected. (If you send your PROFILE information to additional colleges and programs through the "Add Colleges to Submitted Application" process you will have the opportunity to update your application responses. Your updated data will only be reported to the added colleges or programs.)

  5. Complete the payment process. A valid credit or debit card or checking account is required. The College Board accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and online check. When you click submit at the end of this process, you are submitting your payment and application information for processing.

  6. Print your PROFILE Acknowledgment for your records.

The online PROFILE application: student.collegeboard.org/profile