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Worldview and Leadership Camp

July 2 - July 8 ($575)


Cost - $575. Registration closes June 28.

Have you ever struggled to share your faith with someone from a completely different worldview? Where do you begin if someone does not recognize the Bible as authoritative? How do you answer questions about absolute truth in the context of a pluralistic culture? How do you sort through the wide array of worldviews that compete with seemingly opposing truth claims? Every worldview must provide answers to four basic questions:

*Origin - Where did we come from? Is there a God?

*Meaning - Why are we here? Is there meaning for our existence?

*Morality - What accounts for the way we interact with each other? Do right / wrong, good / bad really exist?

*Destiny – Is this all there is?

This one-week camp will look at the answers offered by the four main worldviews: pantheists (many gods), atheists (no god), theists (one God) and blended religions that take beliefs from each of the prior three.

Students need a well-reasoned apologetic (defense) of their faith now more than ever! They also need to understand what it means to have a faith that is based on the Person of Christ versus a faith that is based on ever changing cultural norms. This camp will help students develop a mental and spiritual grid for sifting and sorting through the barrage of cultural messages that confront them every day. In addition, we will look at some of the difficult questions that confront every follower of Christ such as “If God is all good and all powerful, then how can He allow horrible things to happen?”

Instructor Bio

President Jack Haye is a 30-year veteran of the corporate banking world. He holds degrees from Baylor University and American Graduate School of International Management, including a Masters of International Management-Finance and Accounting. President Haye spent nearly twenty years as a banking executive at Wells Fargo and for ten years (2002-2012) held the position of Executive Vice President and National Manager. He served on the Board of Visitors at Baylor University (1986-1992), and as a founding member of PHC's Board of Trustees (1998-Present), having served as the Board Chairman since 2000.

Before becoming President of Patrick Henry College in August 2015, President Haye served as Executive Pastor of First Baptist Church of McKinney, a 5000-member church located near Dallas, Texas. His responsibilities there included staff development, budget management, development and delivery of apologetics teaching series, and oversight of both local and international missional engagement in the areas of orphan care, education, and human trafficking.


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