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Why Attend Summer Camp at a College?

Posted by Patrick Henry College on Jun 2, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Patrick Henry College Teen CampsIf you’re a veteran of summer camps or youth group retreats, you might expect a week at camp to include cabins, canoes, and choruses of camp cheers. At PHC Teen Camps, we offer something a little different — an opportunity for serious learning while keeping things lively. (Okay, we do have choruses of camp cheers.) Here are a few reasons why you just might love summer camp at college.

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1.  Get a (fun!) taste of college life.

Our teen camps take place in the classrooms where PHC students learn, in the dorms where they live, with the professors they admire. But we love to have fun as much as you do. The structure of PHC Teen Camps provides a stimulating experience in and out of the classroom, filling the afternoon and evening with exciting rec activities, meaningful chapel meetings, and opportunities to hang out with friends and counselors.

Teen Camps Week 1-35

2.  Our camp counselors are students and recent alumni of Patrick Henry College.

Our teen camps staff are a diverse group of focused, caring, and enthusiastic young adult leaders who want to get to know each and every teen camper. They’re available to talk about life, faith, college, and the things important to you. We think you’ll enjoy your week with the serious-minded, yet fun-loving folks at Teen Camps.



3. Learn about topics that will challenge and intrigue you.

Whether you’re a budding aficionado or a total newcomer, Teen Camps are the perfect opportunity to explore a subject area with PHC professors, graduates, and guest speakers.

If you’re thinking about college, attending a PHC Teen Camp is a great way to investigate a major you’re interested in.



4. Meet like-minded teens and build lasting friendships.

The unique focus of each PHC Teen Camp means that you’ll meet other students with similar interests and aspirations. From discussion groups, to mealtimes, to laughter and competition in evening rec activities, Teen Camps are full of opportunities to share conversations, challenges, and great times with newfound friends.

Teen Camps Week 1-23

We hope you’ll consider joining us for an awesome week (or more!) at PHC Teen Camps. 


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