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6 Tips For Combating Busyness in High School

Posted by Patrick Henry College on Feb 12, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Dear high schooler,

You’re probably very well acquainted the problem of busyness in our culture. Everyone is busy. Some people use it as a sign of success and status. Others are addicted to it. For many of us, it is just a way of life: we’re busy because we have to be in order to get everything done.

We all know being constantly busy is not only frustrating, but kind of unhealthy.

That’s why we decided to compile this list of ways to combat busyness by purposefully making time and space in your day to rest. It’s important because the patterns you create right now, intentional or not, are going to stick with you for a long time. It you get a jump start on establishing learning healthy patterns now, you’ll be WAY ahead of the game in the long run.



Choose solitude.

This article discusses how choosing to spend time alone pays off in the long run. Purposeful solitude gives your brain the space it needs to get its creative juices going and really be productive. That said, you have to have the discipline to decide.


Staying hydrated is a HUGE deal.

This study explains that being dehydrated (even by 2%, it says) can impair your brain’s performance by shortening your attention span, hampering your immediate memory skills, and slowing your thoughts down. If you want to have a productive day, drink a lot of water.


Food affects your brain.

If your mood has changed suddenly, if you feel lethargic and you’re not sure why, this video explains what's happening.


Learn the art of walking.

This one goes way beyond getting exercise—although that is a nice benefit. Walking helps your brain slow down and appreciate its surroundings a bit more deeply than usual. It also often provides us insight on our pace of life, our lifestyle, and our ultimate goals.



Praying is good for your soul and your physical health.

This articles proves how people who spend habitual time in prayer lead healthier lives than those who don’t. It even goes so far as to show that scientifically, praying to and meditating on God is healthier than simply meditating on random facts.


Less time on your phone is a great idea.

This video explains what social media does to your body. It’s only 3 minutes long but it has a ton of awesome information about cognitive functions, addictive behaviors, and more.



That’s a wrap for health tips! Comment if you liked one, and make sure to check out the link below to find out more about our summer camps.

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