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What Campers Loved About Teen Leadership Camps

amelia m


"God’s timing is perfect – never has that truth resonated more impressively than in my experience with PHC teen camps."

The faculty, speakers, counselors and campers themselves provided the positive influences, role model material and intimate Christian friendships that every high school student needs but often has trouble finding. Some of my best memories are from the Wednesday evening prayer chapels, a time of rest and rejuvenation in the safety of an entirely judgment-free atmosphere, which is something I’ve never had in my small town youth group. It would be a drastic understatement to say that my career focus and spiritual health have both been shaped by PHC…the relationships I’ve had the opportunity to form will be a positive influence on the rest of my life. Wax on, wax off, peace out!"




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"PHC Teen Camps have truly been one of the best experiences in my life."

Besides being just plain fun, Teen Camps are God-centered and life-changing. Whether in the activities, Bible studies, field trips, or worship, the counselors always pour their hearts into making camp exciting and personal for each camper."








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"When I first heard of Leadership and Vocation camp, I thought I would sit around all day listening to lectures about taking charge of a group of people and taking tests to discover which career path I should choose."

However, shortly after the first “lecture” began, I discovered that my assumptions were completely off. The lectures were extremely discussion based and the subjects of being in charge and figuring out which profession to pursue were just side notes. Leadership is more than barking out commands, and employment is only a fragment in the doctrine of vocation. I would recommend this camp to anyone looking for a great learning and character building opportunity.”





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"Teen Camps will challenge and stretch you academically, socially and spiritually."

You'll build great friendships and make unforgettable memories. The counselors at PHC are one of the things that definitely sets these camps apart. They are truly special people who care about you, your dreams, and your future. They will invest their whole heart into helping you become the dynamic teenager that God has called you to be. The friends you'll make will become incredibly important to you. You'll laugh together, cry together, learn from each other and grow closer to God together. Be prepared to be pushed academically and most of all, be prepared to go home a different person with a passion for loving and serving Christ by loving and serving those around you."




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"My experience at Patrick Henry College was phenomenal."

I attended Leadership and Vocation Camp, which is arguably the least "academic" of their camps: but academics and learning are not entirely synonymous. I learned so much that week, particularly about servant-hood which was evident in the counselors. Nearly everything taught in the classroom was immediately applicable. I only wish I had taken more copious notes."







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"PHC Teen Camps have been a great resource for helping me develop leadership skills that I use frequently in community involvement."

I’ve gained everything from improved speaking skills to helpful insights on spiritual growth as a Christian. The camps are an insanely fun, and do a great job of teaching in a hands-on way. However, the best part of camp is the community that exists and the friendships that I have come away with.”





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