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Meet The Head Counselors

We can't wait for you to get to know the 2017 Teen Leadership Camp staff.


Andrew Kelly

Head Counselor

Andrew is a senior who has really thrown himself into life at PHC. Andrew strives to live for Christ and for life's moments of comic relief, which he tries to create as much as he can. Andrew had the distinct privilege of playing Clarence the angel in Patrick Henry's dramatic rendition of "It's a Wonderful Life."

Andrew comes from the middle of nowhere, North Carolina. His roots taught him how to build tree houses, hunt huge deer and throw back Cheerwine soda. Attempting to get "edumacated," he is majoring in Economics and Business Analytics. As a result, he now tacks math puzzles to his wall instead of mounted deer. His academic life at Patrick Henry College has included Mock Trial, Moot Court, and Model United Nations. His non-academic life at Patrick Henry College has included playing piano at his church, winning the racquetball and frisbee tournaments, losing shaving cream battles, hosting comedy shows, and enjoying life one day at a time. After all, a life lived with Christ is a wonderful life.


Julianne Owens

Head Counselor

Julianne is a senior International Politics and Policy major with small town America roots and a heart that was born to travel. Following her spirit of adventure and perpetual curiosity from a young age, Julianne studied abroad in Germany and Oman before reaching Patrick Henry College. At PHC she is often found engaged in conversations about foreign cultures, languages, or cuisine during which she regularly reveals a childish and enthusiastic excitement that is a constant source of entertainment to her friends. In addition, Julianne never resists therapeutic mugs of coffee, fellowship with friends, or the warm summer sun.

Julianne has served as a camp counselor in three settings, including two years as a PHC Teen Camps counselor, and she couldn’t be more excited to be returning to PHC this summer. Through each unique camp experience her love for people and her passion for the Lord has grown stronger, and she is eager to see what this summer has in store!

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