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Registration for 2020 Virtual Interactive Camp Experience is open!



14-18 at the start of the camp they are attending




$425 per camp covers the entire cost of the camp.


Payment Options & Refund Policy

A non-refundable $150 deposit is required upon registration. Payment is due in full by the start of the camp. Campers have the additional option of paying for the camp in full upon registration. If you cancel up until the first day of camp, you will be refunded anything you have paid above the $150 deposit. If you cancel on or after the first day of camp (Sunday of the camp week), we cannot offer any refunds.


Academic Certificate Fee

PHC Teen Camps is proud to offer certificates of completion to homeschooling families for all of our camps. This $50 fee covers the extra time and materials necessary to assess your student's work in the camp and provide you with the Academic Certificate (including an academic description and a letter grade).


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