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Summer Internship Stipend

About the Journalism Internship Stipend:
The stipend is to encourage PHC journalism students to complete a newsroom internship early in their college career. Editors regard experience as critical when assessing job applicants; highly-qualified college graduates often have completed three or more internships when they enter the job market.

However, many students must work summers to afford to return to PHC. To help off-set this difficulty and encourage PHC students to seek out their first position, the program offers up to $4,200 (to be applied to their PHC account) for students in the Journalism Major completing their:

first off-campus unpaid internship for PHC credit at a news organization.

The stipend will pay $350/week for a minimum of 10 weeks and a maximum of 12, all full-time. Students are encouraged to register for 3 credits to save room in their program for further internship opportunities later in their PHC program.

Print, broadcast, and web-based publications are all acceptable internship hosts. The host need not be a large or prestigious publication; the point is to help students afford to intern at their hometown weekly or daily newspapers or other media outlets where they will have opportunities for direct hands-on experience in the regular production of news. Positions involving reporting, writing, editing, photography, videography, and page/webpage layout/design are all acceptable.

Students must have lined up an acceptable internship position prior to making this application. This application must include a statement from the host briefly describing your responsibilities (a printed copy of email correspondence is fine).

Freshmen and other journalism majors who have completed Journalism II are invited to apply even before they have completed the two semesters working on the PHC student publications as the journalism program requires. To be eligible, students must have a passing GPA, must not be in arrears in their PHC account, and have the recommendation of the Director of Journalism. Application deadline is May 5, 2008.