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Student Impact Summit Flyer- Ages

Register for the Virtual PHC Student Impact Summit

This event will equip teens (aged 13+) and their families to think biblically about how the spirit of the American founding relates to modern-day issuesThrough a variety of lectures, attendees will learn:

    • the impact of moral courage in the wake of intense opposition
    • how private property and political freedom rise and fall together
    • how knowing God personally provides the wisdom the world needs
    • the implications of the original intention of the law on privacy with new technologies

Engage with Patrick Henry College President Jack Haye, Patrick Henry College Academic Dean and Professor of Government Dr. Mark Mitchell, and Director of Strategic Intelligence Colonel Gordon Middleton as they share how principles of America's Founding shape how we interact with culture today.   

March 27, 11am-4pm EST

Register from now through March 13 for the early bird price of $10. After March 13, tickets are $15. 


Register for Student Impact Summit