Rich Haver Guest Lecture

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 10/6/16 9:47 AM


Mr. Rich Haver spoke to SI Students about his career in intelligence, and particularly Counterintelligence on September 22, 2016.
He had several key emphases in his lecture: While it is easy to tell senior leaders they are right, it’s hard to tell seniors they are wrong and that is when analysts earn their pay; why spies commit treason against their country; and the importance of HUMINT operations enabling SIGINT collection activities.

Mr. Haver retired from Northrop Grumman Corporation in December 2010 following 10 years of service with Northrop and the TRW component acquired by Northrop in 2002. His position at Northrop Grumman was Vice President for Intelligence Programs. He earned a B.A. degree in History from Johns Hopkins University in 1967. He served on active duty in the U.S. Navy from 1967 to 1973. In 1973, Mr. Haver became a civilian intelligence analyst in the Anti-Submarine Warfare Systems branch at the Naval Intelligence Support Center. In 1976, he was selected as a department head at the Navy Field Operational Intelligence Office (“NFOIO”), and the next year became the Technical Director of the Naval Ocean Surveillance Information Center. He subsequently held the senior civilian position at NFOIO, serving as Technical Director until assuming the position of Special Assistant to the Director of Naval Intelligence in 1981. He was selected as Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence in June 1985, a position he held until 1989. Mr. Haver was selected by Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney in July 1989 to the position of Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Policy. From 1992 to 1995, he served as the Executive Director for Intelligence Community Affairs. In 1998, he assumed the duties of Chief of Staff of the National Intelligence Council and Deputy to the Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production.

In 1999, Mr. Haver joined TRW as Vice President and Director, Intelligence Programs. He led business development and marketing activities in the intelligence market area for their Systems & Information Technology Group. He also served as liaison to the group’s strategic and tactical C3 business units, as well as TRW’s Telecommunications and Space & Electronics groups. Mr. Haver was selected by Vice President Cheney to head the Administration’s Transition Team for Intelligence and then selected by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld as the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.

He returned to the private sector in 2003. Mr. Haver is now consulting to both government and private industry associated with the National Security and Intelligence fields, as well as volunteer work, and service on various boards and panels. He is an original member of the Board of Advisors to the Strategic Intelligence Program at Patrick Henry College and is a frequent guest speaker.

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