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Strategic Intelligence

June 21 - June 27

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Strategic Intelligence Camp

Imagine: The year is 2025. The world is falling apart, and the U.S. remains in the center of turbulent international relations. Rebels have divided the country of Ukraine, and hold the port of Odessa hostage, proclaiming themselves the Independent Republic of Slobovia. Driven by internal and external pressure into Russia’s waiting arms, Slobovia has quickly become a major international trade and intelligence issue for the United States. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to journey to Slobovia as a U.S. intelligence officer. You will meet contacts, complete missions, and try to outwit the Slobovians and protect U.S. interests, all while maintaining a secret identity.

Strategic Intelligence Camp functions as a unique environment for Christian teens to interact with the idea of “How should intelligence look from a Christian perspective?” In our era, terrorism, privacy, security, legality, technology, and culture present increasingly thorny situations that touch intelligence and are extremely relevant to everyday citizens, both as patriots and as Christians. Through lectures, activities, simulations, and discussions, SI Camp attempts to help students begin developing a framework for understanding key questions. While at camp, you will:

  • Enter through Customs into the country of Slobovia upon your arrival to the PHC campus, and live your cover as fully as possible.
  • Participate in a Crisis Management Exercise, which simulates how the government responds to intelligence emergencies.
  • Test your skills and knowledge in missions every evening that require you to think your way to completing the objectives.
  • Pit your wits against the native Slobovians, who will constantly be on the lookout for spies and will try to prevent you from completing missions.
  • Rise to the challenge of working through some of the most complicated global problems in team based discussions.
  • Listen to the stories of professionals who have lived their lives in the intelligence community, and gain insight into the unique rewards and challenges of navigating the intelligence arena.
  • Begin developing the foundation necessary to be an informed citizen in intelligence matters.
  • Explore what principles the Bible brings to a discussion that is often relegated to the legal realm.


Have you attended the Strategic Intelligence Camp before? If so, there is a special track available just for you! SI: Advanced Track is designed to allow students who have already been to SI Camp to dive a little deeper into some of the more complex challenges of the intelligence field. This addition to Strategic Intelligence Camp replaces Strategic Intelligence: Level 2 and will run concurrently with the Entry Track camp.

This Advanced Track will involve special lectures and additional guided research into specific issues and countries that are likely to be major international players in the next few years. Campers in this track are expected to help shepherd the Entry Track campers who have not attended before, as much of their prior experience will carry over.

If you are serious about pursuing strategic intelligence as a career, dive deeper into the field with this Advanced Track for returning campers only.

In addition, this year's camp will include a special field trip to an intelligence office in Washington DC. This field trip is only available to US Citizens or Green Card holders, and requires a government issued photo ID. To attend the field trip, campers must register for the SI: Advanced Track camp by May 21st.

Registration closes June 17.

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Instructor: Sam Watkins

Sam Watkins is a graduate of PHC's Strategic Intelligence track ('15) and proud Kentuckian who has vowed to keep her southern roots intact no matter where she goes. During her time at PHC, she enjoyed working on several projects, including leading the FBI Counterintelligence Journal, teaching and mentoring new freshmen in PHC's Introduction to Intelligence, and playing the U.S. President during crisis simulations.

Sam interned at the Bureau of Diplomatic Security in the State Department and hopes to go back someday as a full time employee overseas. She has been involved with SI camp for 5 years and continues towards her goal of making each year better than the last. During her limited free time, she spends entirely too much time cuddling with her beloved cats, and she loves nothing more than dancing, fiction writing, and making messes in the kitchen and calling it cooking.

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