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July 9 - July 15 ($575)


Cost - $575. Registration closes July 5.

From college applications and internships to job interviews and crucial conversations, communication skills are paramount to success. In this camp, students will learn how to confidently answer any question, with a special focus on communicating compellingly in crucial conversations such as interviews and impromptu presentations. Through instruction, application, and practice, students will develop the ability to:

  • Think quickly on their feet

  • Create phenomenal first impressions

  • Identify assumptions

  • Present compelling responses

  • Captivate and convince their audience

  • Increase influence

  • Communicate with confidence and poise under pressure

This camp is for any student who wants to increase their ability to stand out from the crowd as an articulate leader and influencer. This camp is highly interactive. Students can expect to practice all principles taught through personalized coaching, drills, games, and competition.

There are no prerequisites required to attend this camp. Although most sessions will be taught to the whole group, special sessions will be offered for advanced students. The objective of this camp is for students to leave with an ignited passion for communication and a solid foundation for how to successfully develop the logical premises of their position.

Instructor Bio

COMPONO is a communications coaching company driven by an emphasis on critical thinking. Our passion is to help individuals become great leaders by strengthening their character, sharpening their communication, and solidifying their confidence through a dynamic coaching experience. Throughout our years in public speaking practice and coaching, we have come to firmly believe that excellent communication is dependent on the mastery of two skills: the ability to think critically and the power to deliver compellingly. When these two pillars: logic and delivery, are combined, the result is excellent communication.


ZACHARY ROSA is the co-founder of Compono. He is the 2013 NCFCA National Illustrated Oratory Champion, has spoken to crowds of over two thousand, and earned over 100 titles in competitive speech and debate. He is a current student at Patrick Henry College and has coached hundreds of students in the art of effective communication over the past five years. Zachary has a passion for leadership and believes that a great leader is not labeled by his ability to attain followers, but rather by his relentless pursuit to transform followers into leaders.


NATALIA ROSA is the co-founder of Compono. She has instructed speech and debate for six years, is the author of the Tools For Speech Curriculum, and holds a degree in Leadership. Natalia has spoken on television and radio in Mexico and in the U.S., and has spoken to crowds of up to a thousand. She has taught leadership and life skills classes at a public middle school and has also trained rising leaders in one of America's Fortune 500 companies. Natalia experienced incredible growth in her own life as a result of speech/debate training and is passionate about passing on her love for communication to others.

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