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Shakespeare on Stage

July 7 - July 13  ($595)


The true appreciation of art comes through enjoyment of the author's genius. Shakespeare on Stage immerses students in the "Shakespeare experience" to arrive at a better understanding and appreciation of the legendary playwright. The camp will touch on:

  • The theaters and theatrical practices of Shakespeare's time

  • The poetry and rhetoric of Shakespeare

  • How to perform and understand the plays

  • Key plays from each genre representative of each period of Shakespeare's writing

  • Personal coaching for acting Shakespeare

Because the plays are ultimately scripts, students will both analyze and act out portions of the plays to grasp the brilliance and cleverness of Shakespeare: the page will meet the stage.

Love delving into literature? This camp will give you the tools to understand and enjoy Shakespeare’s works. Prefer to be on stage performing moments of great comedy or tragedy? Some have said that if you can perform Shakespeare, you can perform anything, and this camp will bolster your acting arsenal with the Bard’s greatest works.

The primary text will be the comedy As You Like It, which will serve as a focal point uniting the various subjects of the camp. The camp will culminate with a performance on Friday. Shakespeare's brilliance lives on—discover it by studying and acting!

Cost is $595. Registration closes June 26.

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Instructor: Christian Fernandez

Christian Fernandez is an alumnus of Patrick Henry College, where he earned his B.A. in Literature.  He is currently studying at Mary Baldwin University in Staunton, Virginia, where he is finishing his last semester for a Master of Letters in Shakespeare and Performance. In the fall, he will begin working for his Master of Fine Arts. While at PHC, Christian directed a production of Shakespeare's Henry V and returned as an alum to direct Macbeth.  At Mary Baldwin, he was the assistant director for the Motley Players 2017 MFA Company production of Doctor Faustus  and directed Oedipus the King and Oedipus at Colonus in 2018. He is currently directing a production of As You Like It that will perform in Middleburg, VA this summer. Christian's studies focus on the history of Tudor-Stuart theater, Shakespeare's works, and the poetic and rhetorical climate of early modern England. Upon completing both master's degrees, Christian intends to pursue a Ph.D in English to teach and direct on the collegiate level.


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