Idols, Identity Politics, and Lies of Our Age

How Should Christians Respond to the Challenges of our Time?

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Learn about the cult of modern identity politics and the unique threat that this new religion poses to society. Are we a country of freedom? Does the United States stand for equality? And if so, what kind of equality? What should we do to address the questions of the past but also maintain a perspective oriented towards the future? 

These times are unlike any other in American history, but Rod Dreher, Joshua Mitchell, and Daniel Mahoney are the perfect guides as you navigate this new era.

Part 1: Daniel J. Mahoney: “The Ersatz Religion of our Time”

Part 2: Joshua Mitchell: “2021: The Year of the Scapegoat”

Part 3: Rod Dreher: “Living in Truth”

Part 4: Dr. Mark T. Mitchell, Dean of Academic Affairs at PHC, moderates a discussion with all 3 presenters


Daniel J. Mahoney

The Ersatz Religion of Our Time: How the Religion of Humanity Subverts Christianity and Free and Decent Politics


Rod Dreher

Living in Truth: Christian Resistance in the Age of Soft Totalitarianism


Joshua Mitchell

Year of the Scapegoat




Panel Discussion

Hosted by Mark T. Mitchell, Dean of Academic Affairs at Patrick Henry College


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