Why Interning is Key to Doing College Right

Posted by Susanna Hoffman on 1/28/19 3:01 PM

Why interning is key to doing college right

Internships are so key because they…

1. Help you find your career path

Internships one way to determine if your career interest is right for you. Want to explore government and politics? An internship on Capitol Hill, for example will help you learn the ropes of D.C. and narrow your choice of jobs. Go find out what you like before graduating and applying for jobs.

2. Provide real-world experience

One of the main benefits of internships is learning to navigate professional settings. Internships give students practical experience and grow them as candidates to join the workforce. They learn time management, how to engage with other professionals, and how to initiate.

Being in the real-world helps students understand how their education impacts their practical settings.

“Internships give us the opportunity to get a glimpse of the battle while we’re still in training,” junior journalism student Kyle Ziemnick said. “They provide perspective on how the world really works, which we need.” 

Click here to read about Ziemnick’s internship experience at WORLD Radio.

3. Teach you networking skills

Students working on off-campus internships have numerous opportunities to connect with others in their field of interest. Simply meeting people and making good impressions is how students can begin their network. Connections are imperative, and internships give students the opportunities to create them.

4. Are a fantastic resume-booster

Want to stand out in a crowd and really make your resume shine? Internships impress employers, because internships mean that you have practical experience in your field.

“You learn the vocabulary and practices that are common in your vocation, so that when people in your field read your resume and talk with you they get the impression ‘They are one of us,’” Internship Coordinator Dean Thornhill said.

Opportunities to get ahead of the game include published works.

“Internships are a great way to get things published,” senior Shiyi Zhang said. “Because your writing samples will be reviewed and revised before being published, you can proudly present polished pieces to the organizations you are applying to.”

Click here to learn more about Shiyi’s story as an international student!

5. Opens doors to jobs 

Employers sometimes use internships as a vetting process for future job candidates. Showing what you can do at an internship will make you more likely to be considered for a fulltime position. PHC students with internship experience have a competitive advantage to potential employees who haven’t, Thornhill said.

“PHC has a higher post-graduation employment rate than most universities,” Thornhill stated. “When we surveyed alumni, internships were the main reason they sited.  Not just for the reasons above but looking for, and getting, an internship teaches you how to look for and get a job.” 

Alumna Meridian Paulton, for example, was a senior when she began an internship for The Heritage Foundation. Before she even graduated, she was hired as a full-time staffer. Click here to hear about her story!


Internships are vital to students’ years in college. PHC’s apprenticeship methodology gives our students real life experience that enable them to excel after graduation.

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