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Leadership & Worldview

June 29 - July 3

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“And David shepherded them with integrity of heart;
with skillful hands he led them.
– Psalm 78:72


We are each called to be influencers for the glory of God.  Part of working out that calling is learning about your unique “leadership shape” – the way that God has hard- wired you to interact with people, to process information and to make decisions.  In this camp we will help students discover their leadership strengths as well as areas where they have the opportunity for growth.  The material is interactive and involves fast-paced team projects, fun simulations and constructive feedback.  We will learn about vision statements, organizing and running team meetings, and even develop a marketing campaign for the Lake Bob Underwater Marine Observatory and Discovery Center, just for fun.

Leadership also includes the ability to listen well and interact with people who are very different from you.  The Worldviews portion of the camp will focus on examining four principle worldviews (humanism/atheism, polytheism, pantheism and monotheism) to understand how each would answer four basic questions of:

Origin - Where did we come from? Is there a God?

Meaning - Why are we here? Is there meaning for our existence?

Morality - What accounts for the way we interact with each other? Do right / wrong, good / bad really exist?

Destiny – Is this all there is? Is there life after death?  How do our actions now impact that destiny?

Is there any common ground?  What are the major differences?  Does a particular worldview pass the test for two tests for truth:  correspondence and coherence?

Students need a well-reasoned apologetic (defense) of their faith now more than ever! They also need to understand what it means to have a faith that is based on the Person of Christ versus a faith that is based on ever-changing cultural norms. This camp will help students develop a mental and spiritual grid for sifting and sorting through the barrage of cultural messages that confront them every day. In addition, it will give them tools for leading and interacting in a diverse environment in ways that add light, not heat to potentially divisive conversations.

Registration closes June 24.

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Instructor Bio

President Jack Haye is a 30-year veteran of the corporate banking world. He holds degrees from Baylor University and American Graduate School of International Management, including a Masters of International Management-Finance and Accounting. President Haye spent nearly twenty years as a banking executive at Wells Fargo and for ten years (2002-2012) held the position of Executive Vice President and National Manager. He served on the Board of Visitors at Baylor University (1986-1992), and as a founding member of PHC's Board of Trustees (1998-Present), having served as the Board Chairman since 2000.

Before becoming President of Patrick Henry College in August 2015, President Haye served as Executive Pastor of First Baptist Church of McKinney, a 5000-member church located near Dallas, Texas. His responsibilities there included staff development, budget management, development and delivery of apologetics teaching series, and oversight of both local and international missional engagement in the areas of orphan care, education, and human trafficking.


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