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Leadership & Vocation

July 15 - July 21 ($575)

Leadership & Vocation Camp

This week considers an aspect of our lives inhabited and cultivated, but so rarely studied: community. Though at first blush it might seem that a discussion of community might be somewhat removed from “leadership” and “vocation,” students will discover that cultivating healthy and vibrant lives in their schools, families, and churches is the first and most important step toward shaping and leading the broader culture. To this end, students will read, discuss, and reflect on texts by Christian thinkers such as C.S. Lewis and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, exploring how Christians’ individual callings are woven together for the glory of God through working, reading, communing, and praying with one another. The ideas probed and practiced during this week also engage both the heart and mind in a manner not unlike the broader Patrick Henry College community, enabling students to glimpse a rich dimension of campus life that simply no promotional material could offer.

Having directed Leadership and Vocation Camp from 2013 - 2015, former Teen Camp Director Stephen Williams returns to lead this camp after a three year hiatus, excited to once again celebrate the joy of the shared Christian life with campers during one of the most memorable weeks of the summer.

Guest presenters will include PHC’s President, Jack Haye. Read his bio here.

Cost is $575. Registration closes July 11.

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 Instructor: Stephen Williams

After graduating from Patrick Henry College in 2012, Stephen Williams served as the school's Resident Director for Men and had a wonderful, joy-filled three year tenure as the director of the Teen Leadership Camp program. A native Virginian, he moved to Phoenix, AZ, in 2016 to teach fifth grade at a classical school. If he's not reading, you'll often find him hiking, pursuing a photography hobby, or coaching the North Phoenix Prep middle school baseball team.

Stephen Williams

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