The Imago Dei Conference

How does the Genesis account of humanity
speak into today’s most controversial issues?

Conference Speakers

Rosaria Butterfield

Rosaria Butterfield-1

Author & Speaker

Casey Luskin


Associate Director of the Center for Science and Culture, Discovery Institute

Mike McKinley

McKinley, Mike6

Senior Pastor, Sterling Park Baptist Church

Joshua Mitchell

Mitchell, Josh

Professor of Government, Georgetown University

Mark T. Mitchell

mitchell, mark

Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Government, Patrick Henry College

Jay Richards


Research Fellow,
The Heritage Foundation

Albert Thompson


Lecturer, New York University

Graedon Zorzi


Professor of Theology and Philosophy,
Patrick Henry College

What does the Imago Dei have to say about race, gender, marriage, identity politics, science, poverty, and private property? The Imago Dei Project at Patrick Henry College is pleased to convene an interdisciplinary group of scholars seeking new insight into complex cultural issues by examining God’s first words about human beings in the opening chapters of Genesis.


Conference Topics

How can God’s glorious vision for marriage help the church to be a source of hope and health for people suffering from a damaging approach to sex?

Rosaria Butterfield  /  Genesis 2:24

How is being made in the image of God related to science and the classification of the natural world?

Casey Luskin  /  Genesis 2:20

What role does the church have to play in alleviating the problems of scarcity and poverty?

Mike McKinley  /  Genesis 3:19

How can recognizing the human need for an answer to sin and transgression help the church to bring health to a political environment fixated on guilt and innocence?

Joshua Mitchell  /  Genesis 3:13

How ought the duty to exercise dominion as stewards inform the church’s approach to current controversies about private property and the environment?

Mark T. Mitchell  /  Genesis 1:26

How should the fundamental male/female distinction inform the church’s response to the gender identity movement?

Jay Richards  /  Genesis 1:17

How can the church offer insight into current questions about race in light of the reality that all humans are one family who share God’s image?

Albert Thompson  /  Genesis 1:28

Why does understanding that we're made in the image of God lead us to seek the health of our society, including by leaning into points of tension?

Graedon Zorzi  /  Genesis 1:27


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This conference brought together Christian conservative scholars from varied Christian faith traditions to discuss what it means to be made in the image of God. While PHC does not specifically endorse all of the speakers’ comments, their lectures were a catalyst to our continued conversations about our roles and responsibilities as people made in the Imago Dei.