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Homeschool Students

Patrick Henry College is an environment where formerly homeschooled students can thrive.


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Why Patrick Henry College? We exist to glorify God by challenging the status quo in higher education, lifting high both faith and reason within a rigorous academic environment.

In the late 1990s, Michael Farris, a constitutional attorney, homeschool pioneer, and defender of religious liberty, gathered a group of committed Christians, including the leadership of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), to pray and consider how to address the voids in higher education. Our nation no longer produces guardians of liberty. The halls of government are filled with smart, well-educated people who believe that man, rather than God, is the center of all things. The preservation of liberty requires that our leaders believe the unalienable rights of man stem from a transcendent Creator, independent of the whims of man. Unfortunately, many of our leaders no longer hold this truth to be self-evident.

These visionaries correctly determined that any strategy for generational impact must include an elite higher education for bright Christian scholars with the potential to lead the nation and shape the culture—an education as deep and rich as the one that formed the thinking of our Founding Fathers.

Their solution, Patrick Henry College, was founded in 2000, strategically located outside of Washington, D.C.

Creating the next generation of leaders requires more than just rigorous academics, conservative principles, or teaching from a biblical worldview. It requires an unwavering commitment to all three, and only Patrick Henry College has demonstrated such a commitment.

Patrick Henry College equips students to think deeply, speak articulately, write persuasively, and follow Christ passionately—lifting high both faith and reason.


This makes the College a popular choice for many homeschooled students. In fact, approximately 78% of our current students were homeschooled. Our previously homeschooled alumni have an impressive track-record, with graduates going on to work at the highest levels of government including: the White House, FBI, CIA, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and some even clerking in the Supreme Court of the United States. Learn more about our alumni here.

The Alumni

If you would like to talk to a current student at Patrick Henry College who was also homeschooled, or if you’re interested in having a PHC representative visit your homeschool co-op, contact the Admissions Office.


Explore Our Majors

Patrick Henry College has an extensive Classical Core curriculum of 63 credits founded on the great texts and ideas that have stood the test of time, starting with the Holy Scriptures. Regardless of major, every student must complete the entire core.  Explore further here.


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Journalism   Literature   Strategic Intelligence in National Security   Environmental Science & Stewardship


Advising Programs & Minors


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Scholarships for Homeschool Students

We understand college is a significant investment. That's why we offer a wide variety of scholarships for academics, forensics, leadership, and more. Click the button to view our full financial aid and scholarship listings.


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Application Checklist

We’re glad that you’re considering joining the academic community at PHC! Explore our checklist with details on standardized test scores, transcripts, references, interviews, and more. To be considered for scholarships and financial aid offered by PHC, a prospective student must fully complete their admissions application.


Application Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

The decision is up to your high school.

Homeschool families, of course, can choose to make us part of their high school curriculum. For private high schools, talk to your high school administrators about us and encourage them to contact us. Read more Distance Learning FAQs here.

Yes, you can explore our guidelines for accepting transfer credits here.

Additionally, take a look at our Transfer Students page here, if you were previously homeschool but are currently attending another college.

Yes, Patrick Henry College is accredited by Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS).

TRACS holds dual recognition with the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). If you are interested, a list of federally-recognized accreditors is available at the USDE’s website at www.ed.gov.*

Furthermore, the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia has awarded Patrick Henry College a Certificate to Operate an Institution of Higher Education authorizing the College to offer degrees, courses for degree credit, or programs of study leading to a degree, in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Town of Purcellville has been named the 21st Safest College Town in the United States by LendEDU.

Read more here.

Furthermore, Patrick Henry College provides an on-campus safety operation offering an array of services. On-duty and on-call staff are specially trained to observe and report on all matters related to campus safety and are immediately available to respond to and handle any emergency that may occur on campus. Campus Safety consists of both armed and unarmed officers who are trained and registered with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.

Patrick Henry College strongly encourages its students to become part of a local church body, serving the Christian community and experiencing Christian fellowship beyond the school.

Students come from a rich variety of denominational backgrounds, and vicinity churches actively welcome them.

Explore this list of nearby churches, along with other congregations that PHC students attend. This list is representative, not exhaustive, and PHC does not endorse any particular congregation.

A special unity of spirit and fellowship infuses student life at PHC with a sense of camaraderie like you'll find at few other colleges.

Between corporate chapel and wing chapel, student will have the opportunity to pursue spiritual growth alongside fellow students on a daily basis.

Furthermore, the College is, and shall always remain, a Christian institution dedicated to bringing honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ in all of its activities. Each trustee, officer, faculty member, and student of the College, as well as all other employees and agents of the College, fully and enthusiastically subscribes to the Statement of Faith and  the Statement of Biblical Worldview.

Patrick Henry College focuses on both academic excellence and spiritual growth, emphasizing both the life of the mind and the life of the Christian faith.

Moreover, every student at Patrick Henry College commits to living according to the community standards. Those standards are upheld in the Student Handbook. Please also explore the Student Life Manual.

Graduation 2016 (11)Alumni Stories

Here are some examples of PHC alumni—Christian men and women who are leading our nation and shaping our culture for Christ.


See more Patrick Henry College videos on our YouTube channel.